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DP Curriculum Planning

The following webinar walks through using ManageBac to manage Curriculum Planning in the Diploma Programme. Topics covered include admin set-up through Settings, editing unit plan layout, requesting Standards Imports, and the Unit planning processes for teachers and coordinators.

FAQs from the Presentation

1) How can I add my Standards to Unit Plans?

You can add Standards via Settings > Diploma Programme > Units > Manage Standards. Either add Standards manually with Header, Sub-Header and Standards or request a Standards Import from us via the Request Standards Import button. Please see the complete tutorial on how to Import Standards here.

2) How can I add myself as an author, or add my colleagues as authors, to a unit?

Units are shared with any class of the same subject & grade level. Teachers can be added as Authors of units if they are added as teacher to a class of the same subject & grade level of the unit. Please click here for our complete tutorial on adding authors to units.

3) Where can I find "lost" units? How about archived units??

The most efficient way to re-organise unit plans, or locate units that may have been "lost", is via Dashboard > Curriculum. Each tile in the Whole School Curriculumthat represents a unit and can be dragged and dropped along the calendar to reorder the units.

Archived units can be found on the bottom right-hand side. We suggest to export the curriculum, or perform a keyword hot search to locate any units that have gone missing, such as if they have been moved to another grade or subject etc. Please see the link here for our tutorial on accessing and using the Whole School Curriculum.

4) What is the difference between Archiving a Unit vs Drafting a Unit?

Drafted units are hidden from the class schedule that the unit was drafted in. This does not impact the unit in other classes that it is shared across. Use drafting to hide units in a particular class section, or to hide the units from students & parents view. Please see here for further details.

Archived units are hidden from all classes they are shared between, and found only within your curriculum archive. Use archiving for units you no longer wish to use for the current term, but may need to use again in the future. Please see here for further details.


This webinar was originally run on October 3, 2018.

Lead Presenter: Kieran Tully, ManageBac Support Associate

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