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Accessing & Pinning Classes

Via Classes tab

You can access your classes by clicking the Classes tab on your left-hand navigation bar, which will then expand to display classes you may have joined or been added to as a teacher.

To access a class, click on its name, or to view a complete list of classes, click See all classes. The page will show by default a complete list of All Classes on your schools ManageBac account.

Click All Classes and select My Classes to view a list of your classes only.

If class memberships are unlocked, you will be able to join additional clases by clicking Join, or leave current classes via Leave.

You can click Filter to expand a range of filter options, such as by Programme (ie IB Middle Years), by Grade level (ie MYP 5), or by subject group (ie Physical and health education). Tick Show archived Classes to also search archived classes on your account.

You can choose to filter for certain teachers by selecting their name in the Teacher(s) dropdown, and can additionally search by class name, description or class ID in the search box. Click the blue Filter button to apply your selections, or Reset to remove all filters.

Pin a Class to your Left-hand class dropdown list

The left-hand classes dropdown will display a maximum of 10 most recently accessed classes. If you teach more than 10 classes, click See all classes to access the rest of your classes.

If you wish to keep a class pinned in the list (ie it does not rotate out when accessing other classes), navigate to the classes Overview tab > click Pin to Main Menu. To remove a class, click Unpin from Mani Menu.

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