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Key Terms

We have tried to standardize the use of terminology based on the subject guides produced by the IBO.

These are some of the key terms we use throughout the system:

  • Experience Supervisor: this person is in charge of supervising a particular CAS experience. He/she may be a faculty member, or may be external to the school. Examples of experience supervisors are sports team coaches, outward bound leaders, service organisation staff, etc.
  • Approval & Completion of Experiences: CAS activities are approved by the CAS Advisor or CAS Coordinator after a review of the experience's appropriateness. This is sometimes referred to as "Pre-approval", but for purposes of clarity, we chose to use Approved. An Experience is marked Complete, after the student has finished the experience submitted evidence documenting their progress (e.g. journals, photos, etc.), and after the supervisor review has been successfully completed.
  • CAS Advisor: this person works with the CAS Coordinator to oversee a specific cohort of students. Often a CAS Advisor is a homeroom teacher, who is responsible for monitoring his/her students, approving experiences and meeting with students individually to check on their progress. Within the system, CAS Advisors can be assigned to their specific students under the Members tab.
  • Extended Essay Supervisor: this person works with the EE Coordinator to advise students on their Extended Essay. They typically teach in the subject area that they are advising. Students select their EE supervisors on their EE worksheets, but they can also be assigned directly under the Members tab.

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