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Adding CAS Activities/Experiences

Via IB Manager, Year Group, CAS


CAS experiences can be added from a student's CAS worksheet by clicking Add CAS Experience on the right navigation panel. Students are also able to do this from their own accounts.

*Please note that the terminology for CAS has been updated for the class of 2017 onwards. CAS now stands for Creativity, Activity and Service. Activities are now called 'Experiences'. If your class of 2017 year group does not have the updated terminology on ManageBac, please contact us at


Activity details can be added, including the:

  • Experience name and description (existing groups can be chosen from the dropdown menu)
  • Experience type and hours (if you have enabled tracking Experience hours)
  • Location (In-School or Out-of-School)
  • Start and End dates
  • Experience supervisor information (when the student requests review, an email will be sent to the address they have entered prompting the supervisor to submit a review on ManageBac)
  • Targeted learning outcomes

When everything is complete, click Add CAS Experience. After an activity is added, it is automatically submitted to the CAS advisor or coordinator for approval.


Via the Groups Tab


Students can also add an experience to their CAS Worksheet by joining an activity or group under the Groups tab.


Once the student has joined the group, it will then appear in the dropdown menu under the Add CAS Experience page.  Selecting a group the student has joined will auto-populate some of the fields.  Clicking Add CAS Experience will add the experience to the student's CAS Worksheet.

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