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Annotating an Assignment

Teacher View

We have partnered with the software provider Crocodoc to permit annotating student work directly on ManageBac. If you enable Dropbox for an assignment, students can submit files directly on ManageBac.

Click on the icon of the notebook and pencil next to the file name to annotate it. The file will automatically load in the Crocodoc viewer.

You can leave comments and highlight student work.

To delete or edit a comment, hover over it and your options will appear.



To delete a highlight, please right-click on it.

Once completed, you can click on the arrow icon to download the original file or a pdf with the comments. The system will automatically save and store all comments, so you no longer have to download and upload files to your computer.

Student View

Students will also have access to the annotations and can also use Crocodoc to annotate their work.

A note on best practices

Please note certain best practices, especially if you are in a region with unreliable Internet access:

1. While annotations appear immediately, they will not save immediately. If you navigate away from the page too quickly, you may lose some of your comments. Please make sure to wait      a few seconds in order to allow the system to save.

2. If a document fails to load in Crocodoc, please email it to the address below so we can conduct an analysis. Even if you cannot view and annotate the file, you should still be able to   download and view the original. A small percentage of files will fail to convert on Crocodoc, so please advise any affected students to upload in PDF.

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