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Selecting Your Exam Subjects

Via the Plan Tab

In the Plan section, you can select your classes on your IB Diploma worksheet, by clicking Edit adjacent to Subjects and Levels.

Use the dropdown menus to select the appropriate subjects and levels (HL or SL) for each group, then click Confirm Subject. Once you're finished selecting your subjects for both Grade 11 and 12, click Save Changes. Your Grade 12 subjects will be used for your Diploma exam registration.

As a full Diploma candidate, ManageBac will automatically check to make sure that you have selected at least 3 HL subjects.

The following section applies to anticipated exam candidates only.

Anticipated Candidates

On your Grade 11 worksheet, you must check the Anticipated Candidate checkbox if you will be presented for an exam in your first year of the Diploma Programme.  You can indicate the subjects that you will be presented for by checking Exam Subject.  An E will appear next to the appropriate subject.

On your Grade 12 worksheet, you must either check your anticipated exam subjects (e.g. Chinese B HL) or select a new subject and level for your final Diploma exams.

You should double-check your subject package for accuracy and ensure that the appropriate exams are indicated as Anticipated Exam.

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