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Theory of Knowledge Quickstart Guide

Coordinators can use ManageBac to track ToK progress in real-time across the entire year group and eliminate paperwork. Review Prescribed Titles, set To-dos, record journal entries, organize the ToK presentation, and complete ToK assessment.

Step 1: Selecting your ToK Options

Enable the ToK Worksheet and select your ToK preferences for the year group via year group > Overview > Edit Year Group settings. Click here if you do not see a Theory of Knowledge tab when you select the year group, or if you want to modify the ToK selections for the year group.


On this page, tick 'Theory of Knowledge' to enable the ToK Worksheet. Tick 'Show ToK presentation marks to students' to share assessment marks with students.

Click here for further guidance on setting up your ToK Worksheet.

Step 2: Navigating the ToK Worksheet

Next, click on Theory of Knowledge and select a student to see the ToK Worksheet. The Worksheet allows students to keep a portfolio of coursework, deadlines, and notes. You can quickly see:

  1. The student's Prescribed Title
  2. An option to select a different Prescribed Title (ManageBac automatically updates these annually per the IB.)
  3. A list of all ToK-related deadlines (To add a new deadline, navigate back to the ToK roster and click Add a New Deadline. Once the deadline is created, you will have the option of adding additional To-dos for students.)
  4. An opportunity to evaluate the student's progress and flag students of concern or excellence
  5. A Notes & Interview section where you can communicate directly with students and log notes


Step 3: Accessing the Journal, Presentation, and PPF Tabs

Click the Journal tab to review student journal entries. The journal accepts entries as text, website, YouTube, photos, or files. Students can connect each entry to the relevant area of knowledge. The individual file size limit is 500 MB.

Click on the Presentation tab to review student presentations. Scroll down to assess students using the built-in IB criterion. When complete, you can export your marks and comments directly to the officially licensed ToK PPD.

Click here for further guidance on the ToK Presentation.

Click on the Planning and Progress Form tab to review students' first, second and third interactions. Teachers can share their comments with students, and comments are immediately available for students to view. Both students and teachers can export the form to PDF.

Click here for further guidance on the Planning and Progress forms.

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