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Set Next Year's Academic Term Dates - Part 2

Next step is to set up your academic terms for each programme for the next academic year.

Estimated time needed: 5-10 minutes

Via Settings > Academic Terms

Navigate to Settings > Academic Terms > Select Programme > Configure New Academic Year

These dates are not visible to students or teachers, but they are used to group assignments within the Gradebook, so its important that these dates are set to be continuous (i.e. they should be inclusive of your school holidays in order to avoid gaps between terms).

For example, if your school operates on a semester system, your first term may start on August 15 and end on January 2, whereas your second term may start on January 3 and end of June 15.

If instead your first term was set to end on December 15 instead of January 2, leaving a gap between terms, a teacher planning a task with a due date on December 20 would be unable to create the task. Simply put, the system would not know whether to categorize that task in your first term or your second term. Its always best to ensure that your terms are continuous, so that tasks will be correctly categorized.

Next, navigate to Part 3 to Transition Students.

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