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IBIS Exam Registration Quickstart Guide

Bulk Register Students on IBIS with One-Click

With the ManageBac-IBIS integration, coordinators can send student exam registration information directly into IBIS. This tutorial covers the following:

1. Configuring your DP Subjects & Options

2. Completing Plans Worksheets

3. Bulk Registering Students

4. Common Error Messages

5. Exporting Plans Worksheets

Step 1: Configure your DP Subjects & Options

Confirm your authorized subjects and levels via Settings > Diploma > Subjects. Confirm the subjects, options & levels that your school is authorized to offer. Your subjects on

ManageBac must match your IBIS subjects exactly, or else you will see an error code when attempting to register students.

Note: All three tabs for Subjects, Options & Levels, and Extended Essay must be completed.

Click here for further guidance on configuring your subjects.

Step 2: Complete Plans Worksheets

Via Year Groups > Select Year Group > Plans, coordinators can see a list of their students and the requirements that have been met.

Prompt students to fill out their worksheets by clicking Send Email Reminders. Students can access and complete their worksheets via the Plans tab on their own accounts. Coordinators can review all students in bulk by clicking Export to PDF.

Click on a student’s name to view and edit a completed worksheet, editing the Candidate Personal Information and the selected Subjects &Levels.

Click here for further guidance on completing plans worksheets.

Step 3: Registration

Once satisfied with the worksheets, navigate back to Year Group > Plans. Click Lock All Worksheets to prevent students from making further changes.

When ready, click Register via IBIS.

Clear Anticipated Candidates

First, it's very important to clear anticipated candidates via Registered > Clear Anticipated Candidates. Clearing anticipated registrations allows you to register anticipated Diploma candidates for their final exams in the second year of the diploma programme.

Register students

On the IBIS Registration page, students will fall into one of five categories sorted by different tabs.

Pending - These students have not finished entering either Exam Subjects or Personal Information and are not currently eligible for IBIS registration.

Scheduled - These students are ready for exam registration and have provided all required information. Once you have reviewed their Plan worksheets to ensure correct subject selection, you can either register individually by clicking 'Register Now' or by selecting 'Register all Candidates'.  After clicking one of these options, your exam registration process will be initiated securely. 

Processing - Once you choose to register students from the scheduled tab, they will temporarily appear under the processing tab until they are moved to either Registered or Failed.  Please be patient and perhaps have a cup of coffee while you wait, as it will take 5-10 seconds for the registration process to complete for an individual student, but up to 60 minutes for hundreds of students.

Registered - These students have been registered successfully and no further action is required. Students previously registered for Anticipated exams will also appear here.

Failed - These students could not be registered.  Please review the error message and try registering again.  For more information, view these related tutorials: Common IBIS Registration Errors.

Additional Notes about Registering

1) Once students are registered, personal codes and session numbers will be automatically updated to ManageBac in January (for May session schools) and September (for November session schools). You can also update these manually by clicking Update IBIS Personal Codes.

PIN codes are not updated, they must be manually updated by clicking Update IBIS Personal Codes.

2) It is important that you check student worksheets individually before registering them. The IB still requires this of Coordinators, and while ManageBac validates the records to catch basic mistakes (e.g. fewer than 3 HLs for full Diploma candidates), failing to indicate the personal code, choosing a subject that your school is not authorized to offer, etc. may all result in failed registration attempts.

3) If Students were registered at the end of DP1 to sit for anticipated exams, it is required to clear the anticipated registration before students can be registered for their remaining exams at the end of DP2.

Failed Registrations

Click Failed to view students whose registration failed, there will be instructions on how to fix and re-register.

Click here for further guidance on registering students for IBIS exams.

Common Error Messages

ManageBac will catch most major errors. For example, full Diploma students with fewer than 3 HL Subjects will not be allowed to register. However, failing to indicate a personal code or choosing a subject that your school is not authorized to offer will result in a Failed registration status for the student. We address three of the most basic errors below:

1. Candidate exists in another school and cannot be registered again on ManageBac. Please register via IBIS.

This error occurs if the student had transferred from another school, and if they had been registered as an MYP candidate or for Anticipated exams in their first year of the Diploma Programme. As the IB Coordinator, you will need to contact the prior school and request the student’s IBIS personal code (e.g. dmg891) and then register directly via IBIS.

2. The candidate already exists in IBIS. Please fill out the Candidate’s Personal Code from IBIS and try again.

This means that the student has been previously registered for an Anticipated Diploma exam or for MYP moderation through your school. You will need to check on IBIS and ensure that the student’s IBIS personal code is updated on the Plans tab by clicking Update IBIS Personal Codes. This will ensure that the student is identified correctly and you can then re-submit the exam subject registrations via the Register via IBIS page by clicking the Register button to the right of the student’s name.

3. This Candidate is already registered in IBIS, and can not be registered again from ManageBac.

This error occurs when students are registered manually on IBIS before being registered on ManageBac. If this is the case, you will need to make all your updates for that student on IBIS directly.

4. Value '' is not facet-valid with respect to pattern '[a-z]{3}[0-9]{3}' for type '#AnonType_candidateSession'.

This error occurs when students were previously registered for MYP certified grades or Personal Project. To resolve, please enter the student’s IBIS personal code & try registering again. If that does not resolve the issue, please register via IBIS directly

Click here for further guidance on navigating error messages.

Export Plans Worksheets

For an easy way to review or print student exam information, please click Export to PDF from the Plans tab. This will generate a PDF version of the student worksheets. Excel export is also available.

Create Exam Calendars

Next, use the Exam Calendar Feature to organise exam dates for students & teachers who are proctoring exams. Click here for further guidance.  

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