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Configuring Google Doc Integration

The Google Docs integration will allow teachers to assign individual or collaborative deadlines to students using Google Doc templates from your school Google Drive. Please see the video tutorial below for an overview of the integration set up and how it works.

Step 1: Enable Google Docs Integration

Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Partners > Google Docs.

1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Partners > Google Docs.

2. Click the URL in the hint.

3. Select the Google account that will hold all the templates and click allow.

Warning: Do not set up integration using a personal Google account as files from the linked account will be shared among staff.

All assignment templates will be stored on one Google Drive account. This account should be a shared google drive account which all teachers have access to, solely for the use as template repository.

4. You will then see a code from Google. Copy the approval code to your ManageBac Google Drive Settings and click Save Changes.

Step 2: Define Teacher Access to Google Folders on ManageBac

Next, determine which files in your Google Drive teachers should have access to when creating tasks on ManageBac, either Full access to all the folders or Access to a specific folder only from your Google Drive.

This step determines which folders & templates (i.e. Gdocs) your teachers can use when assigning tasks to students on ManageBac.

If you grant teachers access to only specific folders, click Choose folder and then select the folder you wish for teachers to access.

Note: The folders which appear here are configured via the Google Drive itself (on Google).

Step 3: Share Folders with Teachers on Google

The step above allows teachers to use templates (Gdocs) from the Google Drive. This last step is required to ensure teachers also have the ability to create new templates in the Google folders shared with them in ManageBac.  

Logged in as an Admin on the Google account:

  1. Create a folder and click Add Folder.
  2. After creating the folder grant editing rights to all teachers by clicking Share and adding their email adresses or creating a shareable link

Once Steps 1-3 are completed the integration is fully set up! Please see our tutorials on how teachers can create & manage tasks with Google Docs:

Creating Tasks with GDocs Templates

Managing Tasks with GDocs Templates


Q: Do teachers & students have to have Gmail accounts to use Google Docs integration on ManageBac?

A: Yes, the ManageBac login email of the student & teacher must be a Gmail account. Students & teachers will not have access to view or use Google Docs integration if their ManageBac account username is not a Gmail account.

Q:  Is the auto-generated ManageBac folder on Google only for student submissions or also for copied teacher templates?

A: Both, we store a copy of the template the teacher used for future reference as well as all student submissions of the template. 

Q: What if a student submits their work late? Will the Gdoc automatically lock and the student won’t be able to submit after?

A: Correct, after the deadline passes the student will no longer be able to make changes. If students require more time teacher can change the due date. In the case of 1 student that needs more time we recommend the teacher gives the student access to the file directly on GDrive (if the teacher wants to avoid unlocking the assignment for all students)

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