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PYP Reporting

The following webinar provides an overview of PYP Reporting, including best practices, reports workflow & processes, customizing report templates and publishing reports to students & parents.

Please note: Assessment Settings and Reporting Templates will need to be configured by an Admin level user on your account.


00:00 Apologies for technical difficulties
01:35 Introduction to Reports
02:50 Account Setup and Reporting Workflows
07:10 Customizing Report Templates
13:20 During Reporting Periods
19:00 Publishing Reports to Students & Parents

23:20 Updating Individual Reports
25:55 Accessing previous Webinars
26:40 Viewing PYP sample reporting booklets
27:30 Locking Grades Feature Request
28:10 Common scenarios: Including Multiple Homeroom Advisors
30:00 Report customization requests
30:30 Common scenarios: Assessing Lines of Inquiry and including in Report Cards
33:15 Creating and assessing rubrics
36:20 New UI query
38:10 Accessing prior year report cards
39:40 Reports for students with special needs
40:50 Thankyou's



Q. How do I update individual report cards?

A. Report cards can be updated for a specific user by navigating to Reports > Click Preview Individual Report > select the student > tick Update Individual Report, Generate Preview. Please note, this will not generate an additional report, but can be used to revise the most recent report on the students' profile.

Please see a step-by-step guide here:

Q. How do I access sample reporting booklets?

A. You can download our sample reporting booklets directly via the link below. (Scroll down to Integrated Reporting & Attendance). The booklets include real report cards from ManageBac schools across different regions for your reference.

Q. How do I include multiple homeroom advisors in a report card?

A. I'm afraid it is only possible to assign a student to 1 Homeroom Advisor on ManageBac. However, a work-around to include 2 Homeroom Advisors in the report card, is the following:

1. Disable the Advisor details on the Cover Sheet.
2. Set Signer One's name, with position as "Homeroom Advisor" via the Cover Sheet. Disable it also.
3. Enable "Advisor" and "Signer One" via the Summary Page.
4. Both will then appear as "Homeroom Advisor" on the Report Card.

Please see screenshot below.

Q. How can I assess and include Rubrics in report cards?

A. Rubrics can be created via Settings > Primary Years Programme > Rubrics & Options. These can then be assessed via Gradebook > Homeroom Gradebook.

Please note, to enable rubrics in report cards is a 2-step process. Firstly, Navigate to Reports > Edit Template > Overview > tick Assessment Description > Grade Descriptors, and select the relevant rubrics to include their descriptors, Save Changes.

Then, navigate to the Summary tab of the Report template > tick Rubrics & Options, and select the rubrics to include their assessment from the gradebook, Save Changes.

Please see a step-by-step guide here:

Q. How can I assess Lines of Inquiry in ManageBac?

A. Please refer to last weeks PYP Assessment webinar FAQs here, which outlines a work-around to assess and include LOI in PYP Report Cards.

Q. Where are report cards stored?

A. A master copy of the report cards will save under the Reports tab, along with individual reports accessible via a ZIP file.

Individual report cards will also be available for students, teachers, and parents via the Reports tab.

Q. How can students and parents access report cards?

A. If you have opened up access to ManageBac for your student and parent users, they will be able to access report cards via the Reports tab in their left-hand menu.

Please see a step-by-step guide here:


This webinar was originally run on April 5, 2018.

Presenter: Kieran Tully, ManageBac Support Associate IBAP.
Technical Support: James Hollingsworth, ManageBac Support Associate EMEA.

Kieran has manned the ManageBac Support desk since early 2016, servicing schools from the Asia-Pacific region. Known as “The Problem Solver”, he has broken all records as ManageBac Support Associate, answering more than 18,000 tickets, 63% within a 1hr time-frame.

Kieran has a background in Web Design, Marketing and Events Management, and has received plaudits from the New South Wales state government for his work in cross-cultural communications. Kieran holds a Bachelor of Science in Advanced Mathematics from the University of Sydney, and a Masters in Arts from the Australian Film Television & Radio School.

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