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PYP Assessment (Intermediate)

The following webinar provides an overview of PYP Assessment, both of Tasks and Term Grades, using ManageBac.

Please note: Assessment Settings will need to be configured by an Admin level user on your account.


Q. Can you upload evidence to a task after it is completed?

A. Yes. One option is to click Edit task > tick Enable Dropbox, Save Changes. Then, you can upload the student's work to the task itself via the green plus icon. Alternatively, you can store the evidence in the student's PYP Portfolio.

Q. If you want to configure Task Categories for all classes, do you need to set them before creating the classes?

A. Yes. Unfortunately, it is not possible to bulk update or add new Task Categories in your Settings for existing classes. Thus, as a form of best practice, please review your categories via Settings > Primary Years Programme > Task Categories at the beginning of each term, prior to creating classes. That way when you bulk create classes, they will all be set to the standard categories you have created.

Q. Can we still add comments in the gradebook for Specialist Subjects without creating Specialist Classes?

A. Yes, and indeed that is the structure we recommend. You can enable assessment on specialist subjects via Settings > Primary Years Programme > Assessment. Any subject enabled for assessment there will have its own Specialist Gradebook found on the right-hand side in the Gradebook.

If all your students sit in one class with the same subjects throughout the day, there is no need to create Specialist Classes, as everything can be managed via the Homeroom.

You only want to create Specialist Classes if your class splits throughout the day, such as into different language levels (e.g. Mandarin Beginner and Mandarin Intermediate), or if you intend to record Attendance for those periods.

Q. If a student changes classes throughout the term, do their grades follow them into their new class?

A: No, unfortunately not, as grades on ManageBac are tied to the Gradebook of the Class. If you have a student who changes class sections or subjects throughout the term, you will need to manually add grades to the new class section or subject.

This is a further reason to manage class lists from a primary Homeroom class, rather than via many individual Specialist Classes, as per the question above.

Q. Is there a file size restriction on ManageBac?

A. Each file uploaded to ManageBac, be it for a Task, Deadline, Message or Portfolio work, must be under 500 MB. However, there is no restriction to the number of files added.

Q. Can you assess all of the Lines of Inquiry selected in a Unit of Inquiry?

A. By default on ManageBac, you can assess the PYP Learner Profile, Skills and Attitudes, UOI and Stand-alone units, as well as any subjects, their strands and learning outcomes. Lines of Inquiry cannot be directly assessed; however, there are some work-arounds.

Firstly, would be for the teacher to create LOI via a unit plan > Edit Unit Plan > Concepts & Questions > Add Line of Inquiry. This allows you to track the LOI in your units. Secondly, would be to create a task via Add New Task > select a unit to tie the task to and pull through the relevant LOI. This allows you to identify the LOI being assessed. Finally, you could then assess these via the Gradebook comment box on that task.

An alternate solution could be to create an additional Strand called "Lines of Inquiry" and associated Learning Outcomes under Scope & Sequence in your Settings, which you can then select to address in your unit plan and assess under the Submit Term Grades tab of the gradebook.

Q. Sometimes a unit won't show in the gradebook, why?

A. Gradebooks are tied to the Academic Term. For a unit to appear in the Gradebook, it must have more than 50% of its duration in that particular term. (If 50%, it will appear across the 2 Gradebooks that you have split its duration between). 

Thus, either check your term dates or the start date and duration of the unit to ensure it falls within the term accordingly.

Q. How many tasks can we add via Add New Task?

A. There is no limit to the number of tasks you can create in your class, however, your students may feel otherwise :)

Q. Are there assessment criteria/settings for students with learning difficulties?

A. Schools manage this in a variety of ways on ManageBac. You could create a Rubric to then assess in the Submit Term Grades tab of the gradebook. Alternatively, if it's relevant to a particular subject, you could create a Criteria or even a Subject in your settings.

PYP Assessment Settings are entirely customizable; if you need any guidance, feel free to get in touch with us at

Q. How can I find out about more webinars in the future?

A. Stay tuned to our events website for upcoming webinars, and we will also make sure to send out newsletters to you for webinars relevant to your user type on ManageBac.


This webinar was originally run on March 29, 2018.

Presenter: Kieran Tully, Customer Support Associate.

Kieran has manned the ManageBac Support desk since early 2016, servicing schools from the Asia-Pacific region. Known as “The Problem Solver”, he has broken all records as ManageBac Support Associate, answering more than 18,000 tickets, 63% within a 1hr time-frame.

Kieran has a background in Web Design, Marketing and Events Management, and has received plaudits from the New South Wales state government for his work in cross-cultural communications. Kieran holds a Bachelor of Science in Advanced Mathematics from the University of Sydney, and a Masters in Arts from the Australian Film Television & Radio School.

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