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Creating a non-IB Year Group

There are two ways to create non-IB year groups, either manually via the IB Manager tab or by bulk import via the Settings tab.

Via IB Manager tab

Click the IB Manager tab. Please note that the name of this tab is customisable and therefore may not be as shown; it is found between Profile and Classes.

In the sidebar, click New IB Group. Fill in the form seen below.

Name - Name the non-IB year group. In order to avoid confusion, be sure that non-IB year group names are clearly different from IB year group names.

Description - Describe the group.

Program - Choose Custom to create a non-IB group.

Grade - Choose the correct grade of the students in the group. This will automatically be appended to the group name.

Hours - Choose whether to track hours for activities (including the number of hours required) and whether to show or hide the hours chart.

Worksheets - These apply to IB programs and should be left unchecked for non-IB year groups.

Click Create this group. Note that you will not be able to create the group unless all starred (required) items are completed.

You can also create year groups when importing students in bulk.  You can find the related tutorial here: Adding Students, Teachers, & Parents via Bulk Import.

Via Settings

Click Settings > Import, click Students in the left navigation bar.

Download and complete the CSV template, be sure to add Custom as the Program (column H) when adding non-IB students. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file and Upload Now.

Please refer to our tutorial on Adding Students, Teachers & Parents via Bulk import for further information.

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