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MYP Assessment

The following webinar outlines how teachers & administrators can use ManageBac to manage assessment in the Middle Years Programme. Topics covered include how to manage task & term grades assessment via the MYP classroom, as well as digital annotations, academic honesty and Google Docs integration.

FAQs from the Presentation

How are tasks added?

First, you must have classes created and you need to add teachers to the class. Tasks are added via the class Tasks tab. Click here for further guidance.

How does the gradebook work?

First, you'll need to have students added to the class and need to have at least one task created. Click here for further guidance on marking tasks and submitting term grades.

How can I annotate students work?

Once tasks have been created and students have submitted their work to the task dropbox, teachers can annotate students work using the Vantage Reader. Click here for further guidance.

How can I use Turnitin to track academic honesty on student work in ManageBac?

First, your school's Turnitin administrator will need to ensure that your ManageBac and Turnitin accounts have been integrated correctly in line with this tutorial. Once your Turnitin and ManageBac accounts are integrated, Turnitin can then be enable on a task-by-task basis. Click here for a tutorial on how to enable Turnitin on tasks.

How to use ManageBac to track the Personal Project?

The Personal Projects are managed via the year group Projects tab. Click here for a tutorial on managing the Personal Project.


This webinar was originally run on March 8, 2018.

Host: Luke Harbour, ManageBac Customer Success Director

Presenter: Farah Misquitta, Technology Coordinator at Oberoi International School.

About the presenter: Farah Misquitta has been integrating technology for more than 8 years and is responsible for having implemented modernized teaching tools through upgraded technology and boosted IT integration to impact teaching and learning in classrooms. Gravitated IT inclination among teaching faculty by pushing their technology-infused pedagogy to new levels through project-based learning, processes and digital differentiation tools. She has been responsible for the implementation of Managebac in schools like Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai and offering consultation support for schools in India in Jobs alike sessions led by her both in India and Internationally through conferences and teacher trainings. In recent years she has also overseen the successful implementation of a 1-1 Laptop program, Google Apps for Education and various other technologies related to the learning environment in creating solutions for authentic learning opportunities.

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