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Using the Accounts feature for Single-Sign-On (SSO)

The Accounts feature allows all ManageBac user types (student, teacher, parent, and administrator) to link multiple ManageBac accounts together. It also allows them to link accounts on other supported applications like OpenApply, AssessPrep and BridgeU.

Once you have setup linked accounts, you will need to use your primary credentials on all connected accounts.

Note: Users whose accounts were previously linked via the LaunchPad will need to re-enable SSO using the new Accounts Application.

First Time Sign-in

Visit and sign-in using your ManageBac credentials.

You will receive an email to confirm your account. Clicking Confirm my account will open your Accounts homepage in a new tab.


The profile page will allow you to update your personal information, email address, password, and profile photo. 

Note that once you have logged into the Accounts portal, any changes to your email or password should be made here and not on ManageBac. If changes are made to your password on ManageBac instead of via the Accounts portal, please navigate to and click Forgot your password? to set up a new password. 

Linking Additional ManageBac Accounts

Click Users & Applications.

Add an additional ManageBac account click Add Additional Account and enter the subdomain, email, and password of the account you wish to add. Then click Add Account.

Linking an additional ManageBac account will allow you to access that account via the Launchpad button in ManageBac.

Linking Applications

Applications like OpenApply, Subject Centre, AssessPrep, BridgeU can be linked by signing in with your ManageBac ID. Supported applications will have Login with ManageBac buttons.

OpenApply login

Navigate to your OpenApply account and click Sign in with ManageBac. You will then be prompted to enter your ManageBac email and password to continue.

Diploma Subject Centre login

Navigate to and enter your ManageBac email and password.

On this page you will be prompted to log in with your ManageBac account, or if you have an active ManageBac session you will be automatically signed in.

AssessPrep login

Navigate to and click Sign in with ManageBac. You will then be prompted to enter your ManageBac email and password to continue.

BridgeU login

Navigate to and click Log in with ManageBac, or Log in with ManageBac - China. You will then be prompted to enter your ManageBac email and password to continue.

The final step is to review and Authorize the application to authenticate your account, view your personal information, and in some cases use the personal information from your Accounts Profile to populate your application account.

Review and Revoke Sessions

Navigate to and click the Sessions tab. If you see any sessions that you do not recognize or devices that you no longer own, you can remove the session by clicking Revoke.

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