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The following webinar provides a general overview of CAS management best practices for CAS/DP Coordinators using ManageBac. It provides a close look at how CAS has been implemented at a ManageBac school.

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FAQs from the presentation

Q: Are you able to stop experiences automatically being marked completed after the supervisor review is entered?

A: Yes, this can be configured by an admin on your account by navigating to Settings > School Settings > CAS & Service Action, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Uncheck "Mark activities as complete when an experience supervisor has marked the experience as Completed Successfully”.

Click here for further guidance.

Q: How can students write their reflections linked to a specific outcome?

A: Students will need to navigate to their CAS experience and click Add Reflections & Evidence. Here the student can add a journal entry, website link, video, photo, or file. Please note that each file and photo must be under 500 mb. Reflections and evidence must be linked to one or more of your targeted learning outcomes, which the student can select from.

Click here for a tutorial from the student's perspective.

Q: Does ManageBac set deadlines for how many experiences students should have added?

A: ManageBac does not impose a minimum or maximum on the number of experiences a student should add in their CAS programme. However, students will need to have added at least 1 Reflection or Evidence to each of their CAS experiences, in order to be able to request a supervisor review.

Click here for further guidance.

Q: Does your school allocate any time in the timetable for students to work on their CAS reflections?

A: If you do wish to allocate a specific time for CAS for your students, ManageBac can support such functionality.

An admin on your account could enable non-IB (High School) in your School Settings, and then add a non-IB class. Give the class a name, such as "CAS", and add the students into the class.

For schools using ManageBac for attendance, you can further configure the classes attendance settings, and have the class included on student timetables.

Click here for further guidance on managing Non-IB classes.

Q: How do you communicate CAS requirements to parents? Can that be communicated through ManageBac?

A: Parents are able to view their child’s CAS progress via the Progress tab. Parents can view their child’s assigned advisor, key experiences, number of outcomes met, and overall CAS progress.

CAS Report cards can also be generated to show students’ progress across the CAS programme.

Click here for further guidance on generating CAS Reports.

Q: How do you switch off hours?

A: An admin can disable the tracking of hours via the year group Overview tab > Edit Class Settings > uncheck “Track activity hours for this group”.

Q: Is it possible to get an email from ManageBac when a student responds to our notes on their experiences?

A: The student’s CAS advisor will receive a notice each time the student enters a note on their CAS worksheet or CAS experience. If you are not receiving the email notices, please make sure to check your notification settings by clicking on your name at the top-right > Notifications.

Q: Do photos and video clips submitted count as evidence?

A: Each time a student adds a journal entry, website link, youtube video or attach a file as Reflection & Evidence, this will add 1 to their total reflections for that experience. Photos however only contribute a total of 1 reflection per experience maximum, no matter how many photos the student uploads, as these will be combined together in a photo album reflection.

Q: What’s the difference between the approved and completed experience status?

When a student first adds their CAS experience, this will send a notification to their CAS advisor, who can either mark the experience as approved, or request that further changes are made. If approved, the student can then continue to work on the experience, answer CAS Questions and upload Reflections & Evidence. At this point the student can then request a supervisor review.

Click here for further guidance on Approving & Managing CAS Experiences.

The students CAS advisor can mark the experience as Completed when ready, which will lock the experience, and no further changes will be permitted by the student.

Click here for further guidance on Locking CAS Experiences.

Q: When adding reflections to each experience, is there a way of adding multiple forms of medium in the same reflection - i.e. adding a photo and a comment or link in the same reflection?

A: This is currently not possible. However, a workaround is for students to combine various types of data within the same reflection, saved as a Word or Pages document and uploaded as a file via the experience Reflections & Evidence tab.

Q: As a CAS coordinator, I use the "generate report" tab for assessment as it generates a PDF. However it doesn't include comments. Is this a good option? If I enter term grades with comments can I print the report?

A: CAS Reports can include supervisor review comments by navigating to CAS > Generate Reports > tick “Supervisor Review Comments”. CAS Reports do not include comments entered under the Submit Term Grades tab, but you are able to include the Overall Progress indicator in your template.

Click here for further guidance on generating CAS reports.

Q: Can you set different 'CAS questions' for different strands? I ask as I think the planning for Creativity would often be very different for experience and different again Service.

A: Questions can be tied to particular learning outcomes, but not to the CAS strand itself. You may wish to include the strand in the Question field itself, to indicate this to your students. For example, 'What are your goals? (Activity)'

Q: Is CAS on ManageBac somehow connected to IBIS?

A: It is possible to submit student CAS samples to the IB for CAS moderation. This can be done by an admin via CAS > IB Moderator Access.  Click here for further guidance.

Q: How can I see at a glance, the full list of how many experiences my students have and how they have completed?

A: Navigate to CAS > Export to Excel, the Experiences by Student tab will allow you to view how many experiences the students have added, as well as their status.

Q: Why can’t students view Interview notes?

A: By default, Interview Notes are hidden from students, however, these be shared with your students if you wish. Logged in as an Administrator, navigate to Settings > Access Permissions & Security > tick “Browse Interview Notes” and Save Changes.

Q: What’s the benefit of using CAS project groups?

A: CAS groups are ideal for student clubs, service groups or sports teams. They allow students to keep a calendar of events, a shared discussion forum, and a common photo album. They also can be used to give your students direction in their CAS programme. Click here for further guidance.

Click here for a detailed guide on Managing CAS from a student driven perspective, Advisor driven perspective, or a mix of the two.

Q: Do you have any resources for students to help them via the CAS programme?

A: Yes! Our online help centre includes step-by-step tutorials from the student perspective, on a range of topics from adding CAS experiences, working on reflections & evidence, joining project groups and obtaining supervisor reviews. Please see here.

Q: What does 'New Changes' mean and how do I remove the new changes tag?

A: The New Changes tag appears if the student has added a new experience that needs to be approved or if the student has added a new reflection to an existing experience. Reviewing the experience that is pending approval or the reflections that have been added will remove the New Changes tag.

Q: How many reflections do you require from each experience?

The short answer is: I do not make my students have any particular number of reflections. It's not about how many reflections, but about how the students are engaging in the learning outcomes.

I ask my students to have proper discussion on each of the Learning Outcomes they chose for their experience. For example, if I see that a student has chosen three learning outcomes including; Collaboration, New Skills and Commitment and Perseverance, I would expect to see (minimum) three to six reflections that properly discuss aspects of these learning outcomes. Although I never tell students what to say, I would encourage their reflection to discuss what they specifically learned about the learner outcomes and if possible, how such realizations may impact them in their future lives.

Overall, it's not the number of reflections that matter. It is how the students are engaging in the learner outcomes. 


This webinar was originally run on February 8, 2018 and then redone Oct 18, 2018 with the updated user-interface.

Host: Luke Harbour, ManageBac Customer Success Director
Presenter: Christian Alexander, CAS Coordinator at Oberoi International School.

About the presenter: Christian has worked within international schools for ten years as a multiple-subject middle school teacher and as a CAS Coordinator for the past four-years. He holds a Masters in Education and is a licensed medical sonographer. His philosophy is that he can open the eyes of his students to this vast world, and together we can explore this shared human experience. This Earth is a world of amazing people and places and it is often turbulent and tragic and yet lovely and breathtaking at the same time, and this one thing permeates his teaching  that we are all here together and we must strive to make the world a better place.

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