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Reviewing CAS Experiences

Supervisor reviews are a way for specific experience supervisors to comment on the student’s progress, effort and commitment. In ManageBac, you can integrate these comments directly into the student's CAS Worksheet.

How to send a Review Request

In order to obtain an online CAS Review from their experience supervisor, students must add at least one Reflection to the Reflections & Evidence tab. Their CAS advisor must also mark the experience as Approved. Only then will the Request Supervisor Review button appear. Either the student or the CAS advisor can click on this to send an email request to the supervisor.

From the Supervisor's view

Once the Request Supervisor Review button is pressed, ManageBac will send an email to the supervisor. Please note supervisors do not have to have registered accounts on ManageBac to fill out the linked survey - anyone with a valid email address is eligible to receive email notifications.

The supervisor will click on the link in their email to complete a survey about the student's participation. They will be asked to comment on the student's progress. They will also be asked to tick each outcome the student completed successfully, and confirm the student completed the experience successfully. When they are done, they can click Submit Final Review to add the review to the student's worksheet.

Reviewing multiple students

In-school supervisors who are supervising multiple students' experiences can see who they still need to write reviews for via Dashboard > CAS > Reviews. They can also filter by In Progress, Sent Reviews, Reviewed and Reviewed as Incomplete on the right-hand side of the page.

If the supervisor is leading a CAS Project via the Groups tab, they can also use the group to review their students. To learn more, click here.

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