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Locking and Unlocking Student CAS Access

There are two types of locks in CAS:

1. Marking an experience as Complete, which will prevent the student from adding to that experience.

2. Marking the student's CAS worksheet as complete, which will give them read-only access to CAS as a whole.

Marking an Experience as Complete

Via Year Group Manager > Year Group > CAS, select the student's name and experience. Use the dropdown menu on the right to change their experience status from Approved to Complete, or visa versa.

If an experience has been marked as complete and this was not done by you, it may have been done by the experience supervisor when they completed their review. This setting can be changed by any admin by following the instructions here.

Marking a CAS Worksheet as Complete

You can see if a student's access to CAS has been changed to read-only by going to Year Group Manager > Year Group > CAS. Please note that the IB Manager label is customisable by your school, and may look different.

If the student has a Complete icon next to their name, their worksheet has been locked to prevent further additions or edits.

To either lock or unlock the worksheet, click on the student's name. Scroll down to the Outcomes header on the right navigation panel, and tick or untick the Student has completed the CAS Programme box.

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