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Archiving CAS Experiences

Archiving Experiences in Bulk

Any admin can bulk archive a year group's previous CAS or SA experiences via Year  Manager > Overview > Edit Group Settings.

On the right, click Archive Activities Now. This will prompt you to select an archive date. The archive date is used as a cut-off date. All experiences with end dates prior to the archive date will be archived.

For example, if August 21, 2015 is chosen as your archive date, then all experiences with an end date prior to August 21 will be archived. Once you have chosen your archive date, you will prompted to confirm the process. Once confirmed, please be patient while the archiving process runs. It may take several minutes for all your experiences to be archived depending on the number of students in the year group.

Archived experiences are still available from the sidebar of the CAS worksheet by clicking Archived Experiences. If you still notice experiences appearing that should have been archived, please adjust the end-dates to ensure that they fall before the archive date. You can then re-run the archiving process.

Unarchiving Experiences in Bulk

Unarchiving Activities in Bulk

If you ever mistakenly archive your experiences, you can always unarchive them in bulk via  Year Manager > Overview > Edit Group Settings by clicking Unarchive all CAS activities.

Unarchiving Experiences Individually

You can also unarchive experiences individually by navigating to the student's CAS worksheet, click Archived Experiences, and then the "Unarchive Experience" icon on the right of the experience title.

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