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Enabling Login with Office 365 & Azure Active Directory

Users whose ManageBac accounts are associated with Office 355 or Azure Active Directory (AD) can enable Single-Sign-On (SSO) via those applications if enabled by the school's ManageBac administrator.

Enabling Login with Office 365

Step 1: Login to your Office 365 account

Login to your Microsoft or Office 365 account. If you use Azure Active Directory, make sure it's the account on the same tenant that you would like your users to log in with.

Step 2: Add a new application

Navigate to Application Registration Portal, click Go to app list > Add an app.  

Enter your Application Name (e.g. 'ManageBac - Faria International School') and click Create.

Step 3: Generate a New Password

Via Application Secrets, click Generate New Password and copy it, as it will be used to configure Office 365 SSO for ManageBac.

Step 4: Add Platform

Via Platforms, click Add Platform, choose Web. Enter the following URL using your ManageBac subdomain in the Redirect URIs field:

Uncheck Allow Implicit Flow.

Note: Schools with managebac.CN domains encountering difficulties using the O365 SSO option since August 27, 2018 need to change the redirect URI from .com to .cn and complete Step 4 of this tutorial again.

Step 5: Enable on ManageBac

Note that schools in China must select the China option before saving changes.

Logged in as an administrator on your ManageBac account, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Partners >  Office 365 Single Sign-On. Tick Enabled.

Paste your Application ID and Application Secret Password

Users who are using an Office 356 account as their ManageBac login will then be able to Sign-in with Office 365 on your school's ManageBac page.

Enabling Login with Azure AD

Step 1: Login to Azure Active Directory

Login to Microsoft Azure and choose Azure Active Directory from the sidebar.

Step 2: Select 'App registrations'

Via the MANAGE tab, select App registrations

Step 3: Click '+New application registration'

Step 4: Add Application Name (e.g. 'ManageBac - Faria International School')

Step 5: Enter Web Redirect URI

Enter the following URL using your ManageBac subdomain in the Web Redirect URI field:

Step 6: Click 'Register'

Step 7: Navigate to the 'Overview' tab of the newly created Application

Step 8: Add the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID to ManageBac

Via the Overview tab, copy the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID.

On ManageBac, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Partners > Office 365 Single Sign-On.

Enable Azure AD, paste the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID onto ManageBac and click Save Changes.

Step 9: Ensure Access Tokens & ID Tokens are enabled on Azure

Back on your Azure portal, navigate to the Authentication tab of the application.

Ensure that both Access Tokens and ID Tokens are enabled.

  1. Navigate to the Overview tab
  2. Add the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID

Frequently Asked Questions

Will logging out of ManageBac log me out of my Office 365 account?

Please note that logging out of ManageBac will not log you out of your Office 365 account. Therefore, we recommend using this service from your personal computer. If using a shared computer, ensure you log out of Office 365 entirely before ending your session.

Does enabling Login with Office 365 create new accounts or change emails of users on ManageBac?

No, it allows users whose ManageBac account is already associated with Office 365 to log in using Single Sign On.  

If a student changes a password for their Office 365 account, will it instantly sync for Single Sign On, or will it take some time?

No sync of passwords is needed for Single Sign On.

Does the Office 365 account have to come from the school or can any user with an Office 365 account login as long as their ManageBac email is associated with Office 365?

For Azure Active Directory, only users from the specified tenant for Office 365 can log in. For Office 365 alone, any accounts associated with Office 365 can log in using Single Sign On as long as the email already exists on ManageBac.

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