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Assessing & Reporting via the Gradebook

Assessment and reporting in the PYP varies across schools due to regional requirements. Below you will find a checklist of the configuration steps required and the common reporting models that ManageBac currently supports for the PYP.

Before beginning assessment and reporting, it is essential that you have configured the following PYP settings:

1. Terms: Ensure that your term dates are configured for your current academic year. Terms are used to organise your gradebooks, so you will want to set terms based on your reporting periods (i.e. if you report at the end of each Unit of Inquiry, you will want to set 6 terms).

2. Subjects: Ensure that you have set your homeroom and specialist subjects.

3. Criteria: Ensure that you have configured your evaluation criteria for reporting. These criteria will be used to evaluate the Units of Inquiry and Transdisciplinary Skills.

4. Scope & Sequence: If your school has adapted the Scope & Sequence guides, these must be configured via Settings by updating the conceptual understandings, overall expectations and learning outcomes.

If you have not yet completed these four steps, please review this tutorial on PYP Settings:

Assessment Settings

Via Settings > Primary Years Programme > Assessment, configure your assessment and reporting preferences by selecting which criteria will be applied to which fields.

The most common model for PYP reporting is to evaluate and provide feedback on four key areas:

1. Homeroom Teacher Comments

2. Transdisciplinary Skills (i.e. ATLs) - Choose to evaluate the headers (e.g. Research Skills) or the individual skills (e.g. Planning, Observing, etc.). If headers are chosen, all skills will be displayed as a reference, but there is only one assessment.

3. Units of Inquiry - Choose to evaluate the overall strand or the individual Learning Outcomes within each subject.

3. Assessed Subjects - Enabled subjects to be assessed and choose to evaluate the overall strand or the individual Learning Outcomes (separate to the those enabled within Units of Inquiry). Reorder subjects if required

Schools may also provide feedback on the Learner Profile and Attitudes.

Note: Once saved, this will directly affect the display of the Gradebook. It should only be modified if your school’s assessment and reporting process is revised.

Subject Descriptions

Via Settings > Primary Years Programme > Subject Descriptions, configure the default descriptions that will appear under assessed subjects in your report cards by grade level. These default descriptions will also be visible via the Gradebook, so teachers can see what is already written when adding individual comments for students. Click Save Changes once done.

Please note the subject descriptions will only appear in the report card if the subject has grades and/or comments added for that term.

Rubrics and Options

Via the Rubrics & Options tab, you may also decide to customise additional rubrics & options. The following tutorial explains the process in more detail:

Homeroom Gradebook

Via the Gradebook tab, select a grade level and Homeroom class. Click on a student in the class to access their Gradebook and submit term grades via the Homeroom Gradebook.

In order for teachers to use the Gradebook effectively, they must have completed planning prior to starting assessment (i.e. all Units of Inquiry must be planned before beginning any assessment).

These are a few helpful things to keep in mind:

  • If you evaluate the Transdisciplinary Skills. The skills displayed on your gradebook are a composite of your planning across the Units of Inquiry covered during your academic term. This means if you have chosen Research Skills in Unit #1 and Thinking Skills in Unit #2, then we would show both Research Skills and Thinking Skills in the Gradebook.
  • We display the Units of Inquiry that are bound within your current academic term. This means that if the end date of your Unit of Inquiry (i.e. January W2) falls after the end date of the term (i.e. W4 December), it will be displayed in the subsequent term (i.e. Second Semester vs. First Semester). You can adjust for this by ensuring that the start date and duration of your units are set accurately.
  • If you assess specific learning outcomes from the Scope & Sequence, these can be chosen through your Units of Inquiry, or through your assessed subjects.

Specialist Gradebook

Navigate to the Specialist Gradebook on the right to assess strands or learning outcomes for specific subjects. Each subject will display the list of students within the selected class (Homeroom or Specialist). If Subject Descriptions were added via Settings > Primary Years Programme > Subject Descriptions, the description will appear at the top of the page.

PYP terms should be configured based on your reporting requirements. At the end of each Unit of Inquiry versus at the end of an academic term (e.g. quarter, semester). You can easily access prior assessment via the Terms dropdown.

Generating PYP Reports

Via Settings > Reports > Primary Years, you can generate your PYP report cards to share with parents and students online or as printed PDFs. The following tutorial explains the process in more detail:

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