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Supported IB Forms

ManageBac supports PDF export of the following Official IB forms

Diploma Core

  • EE/CS: Extended essay cover sheet
  • EE/RPF: Reflections on planning and progress (UK schools only)
  • TK/PPD: Theory of knowledge presentation planning document
  • TK/PPF: Theory of knowledge - Planning and progress form

Group 4 Subjects

  • 4/IASEHS: Internal assessment checklist (sports, exercise and health science)
  • 4/ICCS, 4/ICCSCS, 4/ICCSDT and 4/ICCSNOS Group 4: Individual candidate cover sheet (biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, design technology, nature of science, astronomy and marine science)
  • 4/PSOW and 4/PSOWAS: Practical scheme of work (biology, chemistry, physics, marine science and astronomy)
  • 4/PSOWDT: Practical scheme of work (design technology)
  • 4/PSOWNOS: Practical scheme of work (Nature of Science)
  • 4/PSOWSEHS: Practical scheme of work (sports, exercise and health science)

Group 6 Subjects

  • 6/TCAF Theatre: Coursework authentication form
  • 6/VACAF Visual arts: Coursework authentication form

Interdisciplinary subjects

  • ES&S/PSOW Environmental systems and societies SL: Practical scheme of work
  • 1&6/LPIA Internal assessment cover sheet: Literature and performance SL
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