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Archiving / Unarchiving and Deleting Users

Archived users information is saved on your ManageBac account and can be accessed at a later date as required.

Archived users will not be able to log-in to their account, and would need to get in touch with an admin at your school to re-gain access. We recommend to archive graduating or withdrawn students, and academic staff who may have left the school.

Archiving Users via Settings > School Directory

School Directory

Navigate to Settings > School Directory to search for a particular user.

Click on the tab for the appropriate user type (e.g. Students). To archive, click the down-arrow icon on the right-hand side to archive the user.

For students, you will then be prompted to select if the student has been Withdrawn or Graduated, and enter a withdrawal/graduation date. You can archive students in bulk by archiving their IB Year Group (such as for any graduating class), for details please see Transitioning to a New Academic Year.

When you archive a student, if they do not have a sibling on your ManageBac account, their parents will be archived along with them.

Archiving Users via User's Profile

You can also archive a student by clicking Edit Profile from the student's profile. Click the status dropdown on the right navigation panel, select either Withdrawn or Graduated, and enter a date, Update Status.

Unarchiving Users

To find unarchived users, navigate to Settings > School Directory, select the user type, tick "Include Archived", and search.

Archived users will appear with a key symbol next to their name. Click the unarchive icon box at the far right-hand side to restore the user.

Please note, when restoring students, for their academic data to repopulate, they will further need to be added back in as a member of an IB Year Group. See here how to Move Students between IB Year Groups.

Deleting Users Via Settings

Deleted users are completely removed from your ManageBac account, along with any data tied to their profile (ie: Messages, Tasks, Units etc).

We strongly recommend to archive a user rather than delete them, unless their user account was created by mistake.  

Navigate to Settings > School Directory to search for a particular user.

School Directory

Click on the tab for the appropriate user type (e.g. Students). To delete, click the trashcan icon in the last column of the user you would like to delete.

You will be shown a confirmation page outlining that this is final, click "Yes delete this user" to confirm. If the user is synced across multiple accounts, such as ManageBac, OpenApply, AssessPrep etc, they would be deleted from all platforms accordingly.  

Deleting Users via User's Profile

You can also delete a student directly from their Profile either by clicking Delete at the top-right hand side, or by clicking 'Edit Profile' and then the Delete button on the right navigation panel.

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