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Taking a Test

Refer to the Installing Offline Apps tutorials for Mac or Windows.

Step 1: Install Offline Apps

Step 2: Start Application from Desktop

The Dashboard shows 4 tabs:

  1. Download New Tests - Students must first download tests that have been published in their classes.
  2. Upcoming Tests - Downloaded tests that have not started.
  3. Submission Pending - Completed tests that have not been submitted due to an issue while taking the test.
  4. Submitted Tests - Tests that have been submitted successfully, awaiting teacher review.

Step 3: Download Test

  1. Under the Download New Test, enter the Test ID (provided by the teacher) or your AssessPrep Student Code. The student code appears on your AssessPrep account online or can be provided by the teacher.
  2. Click Download next to the test which appears. Note that depending on the size of the test, this may take more time.
  3. Once downloaded, the Dashboard will redirect to Upcoming Tests with the recently downloaded tests shown at the top.

Step 4: Start Test

1. Click Start Test to begin.

2. You will be asked to enter:

  • Access Code provided by teacher. (You cannot begin the test without this.)
  • Your unique Student Code provided by teacher. (This will remain the same for all your tests.)

  • Your Full Name.

The next page will show instructions. Click Start. (Once started, you cannot exit the application.)

  1. Question tasks will show on the right. Each task may contain a variety of videos, images, texts, simulations, and questions.
  2. You also have access to a Bookmarking Tool, Timer, Calculator, Resource Sheet, Change language tool, Change font tool.
  3. Any issues, contact the Invigilator. The invigilator will use the "I" button to access invigilator options.
  4. Answers are saved every 30 seconds(online and locally). In the event that your computer restarts, the test will resume from where you left off.

Step 5: Submit Test

  1. Once ready to submit, click End Test. (This is the same screen that appears when time runs out).
  2. Ensure your Student Code is correct and click Submit Test.

Note: Answers will be submitted when the internet is connected. If there is an issue, contact the Invigilator to export your responses onto the Desktop and copy the file to a USB for upload at a later time.

Step 6: Update Offline App

When an application update is available, a screen will appear upon starting the application with instructions.

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