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Creating and Editing Tests

1. Creating Tests

Test Creation

Test Creation

Navigate to Home > click the red + Icon at the bottom-right of the page to create a new test. Complete the following fields:

  1. Title
  2. Duration
  3. Choose classroom(s)
  4. Schedule Date & Time
  5. Choose to enable or disable the Calculator & Spell-Checker from the student's test.
  6. Instructions (optional) -  visible to students before the test starts

Click Save to complete.


  • Teachers can only create tests in classes that they are teaching on ManageBac, while Admins can create tests in any classes.
  • All teachers of the same class will be able to edit the test.
  • Once a test is published, students in the class will be able to view the test from the offline app. Students will not be able to access & start the test, however, without the access code which is auto-generated here when creating tests.

Adding Tasks

Click on the test title to open and build the test.

First, add a task. Tasks are like sections of the test, where each section can have multiple questions.

  • Click the red Add Task button on the bottom-right of the page.
  • To rearrange, drag tasks up/down.
  • To edit, click the pencil icon next to each task.

  • To archive, click the delete icon next to each task.

Adding Content to Tasks

  1. Each task can contain segments and resources in the formats below. First click the red Disable rearrange in the bottom-right corner, second click the red + to add a new segment.
  • Video
  • Image
  • Text
  • Simulation
  • Questions - Subjective, Multiple choice, Short answer, and Interactive.

Each segment can be edited, archived, or moved to another task by hovering on the segment and using the action buttons on the top-right of each segment. Click the red Rearrange button on the bottom-right of the page to enable. Drag the mini-segments up/down and click the Rearrange button again to disable.

Refer to the Task Segments & Question Types tutorial for more details on the above options.

Uploading a Resource Sheet

Click the white Add Resource icon at the bottom-right of the page. You can either click to upload or drag and drop files into the window. Supported formats include jpg, png, gif, jpeg, and pdf.

Preview & Publish

Click the ACTIONS button on the right of the test information section.

  • Preview - See example of the student experience.
  • Publish - When you have completed adding all tasks and content, publishing a test will allow students to download the test from the offline application or for you to download the file (from the previous ACTIONS button) and distribute to your students. Once a test is published, it can only be unpublished by an admin.

After Publishing

Once published, teachers can track Question Performance, Student Analytics, and Submissions. Teachers can monitor submissions in real-time as students are taking tests to ensure all students submit successfully.

Click here for further guidance on creating and adding test questions.

2. Accessing and Editing Tests


Once logged in, the page defaults to Tests. You can also access this page from the left navigation menu, click All Tests. This page will display:

  • Test Title
  • Who created it
  • Name of class and subject
  • Scheduled date and time, duration, and total marks
  • Access and Invigilator codes
  • Status (i.e. published, unpublished, archived) and number of submissions (if any)
  • Any applicable actions (i.e. edit, duplicate, unpublish, archive, download file)

Search and/or Filter tests based on title, status, time range, and classroom(s). Each page shows a maximum of 20 tests with pagination at the bottom of the list.


Click the 3 dots overflow menu on the right of any test to show available actions. If the test is unpublished, there will be an option to Edit Test.

Note:To edit a published test, you will need to unpublish the test, edit and then make sure you publish the test again. A test cannot be unpublished if students have already taken the test and submitted answers to the test.

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