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Managing Non-IB Classes

1. Enable non-IB classes

Navigate to Settings > School Settings > Academic Functions > enable Non-IB classes for High School, Middle School or Primary School. Click Save Changes.

Note that 'High School' will only appear for IB DP schools, 'Middle School' wil only appear for IB MYP schools and 'Primary School' will only appear for IB PYP schools.

2. Configure your Non-IB Academic Terms

First navigate to Settings > Academic Terms > select which non-IB programme (e.g. High School) > click + Configure New Academic Year. Once you have set up each academic term for the year, click Add Term set.

2. Creating Non-IB classes

To add an individual class, navigate to the Classes tab and click Add New Class. From here you can select which non-IB programme the class should be and click Create this class.

Click here for more information on how to Bulk Create Classes.

Adding Assignments

Via the Assignments tab, click Add New Assignment to add assignments. Fill out the required fields and click Add Assignment, the assignment will appear under the class Assignments tab and in the class Calendar.

Grading via the Gradebook

Via the Assignments tab, click Gradebook. The Gradebook is split into two parts - the Assignments tab and the Submit Term Grades tab.

Assess individual assignments via the Assignments tab. Note that all scores and comments left here are automatically visible to the student and parent on ManageBac.

Recording Term Grades

Selecting Submit Term Grades will allow you to see your students' overall progress as reference. Click on each student's name to enter in the final Grade.

Teachers can also assess rubrics as defined by the school Administrator. Click here for more information on creating non-IB rubrics.

*Please note that there are two percentages. The percentage in black under the bar graph is the cumulative average of all assessed assignments throughout the entire academic year, whereas the percentage in green is the cumulative average of all assessed assignments in the current academic term.

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