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Configuring Your Scope & Sequence (i.e. Standards)

PYP Scope & Sequence Settings

The curriculum standards available for unit planning and assessment are configured via Settings > Primary Years Primary > Scope & Sequence. This tutorial covers how your S&S Settings can be configured and how your standards flow from the S&S Settings to Unit Plans, to Gradebooks, to Report Cards.

PYP standards on ManageBac are organised by:

  • Subject
  • Year Level or Phase
  • Strand
  • Overall Expectations (supports headers & sub-headers)
  • Conceptual Understandings (supports headers & sub-headers)
  • Learning Outcomes (supports headers & sub-headers)

Flow from S&S Settings to Unit Plans

Flow from S&S Settings to Unit Plans

The standards from your S&S Settings appear under the Scope & Sequence tab of PYP unit plans, organised by subject, year level or phase, and strand. Navigate to the unit > Edit Unit Plan > Purpose & Inquiry > Scope & Sequence. Teachers can select which Overall Expecations, Conceptual Understandings and Learning Outcomes will be covered in the unit.

Flow from Unit Plans to Gradebook

If you have enabled assessment of Learning Outcomes via Settings > Primary Years Programme > Asessment, the Learning Outcomes that are enabled in unit plan then appear for assessment in the Homeroom Gradebook.

Note: Only Learning Outcomes can be assessed - Overall Expectations & Conceptual Understandings do not appear in the gradebook or on the reports. This means that any standards which you wish to assess should be added as Learning Outcomes. Strands can be assessed directly.

Flow from Gradebook to Reports

Any Learning Outcomes which are assessed in the gradebook will then appear in the report card.

Note: Outcomes which are not assessed in the gradebook, will not appear on the report.

S&S can be organised by Phases or Years

PYP S&S can be organised by either Phases or Year levels, but not both. Please note that how your S&S is organised will affect how you can assess specialist subjects. We recommend to organise your S&S by year levels for full assessment functionality.

Specialist Subject Assessment when S&S is organised by Years

If your S&S is organised by Years, you will be able to assess the overall strands and learning outcomes of both Units of Inquiry and Specialist Subjects.

Specialist Subject Assessment when S&S is organised by Phases

If your S&S is organised by Phases, the Specialist Subjects can only be assessed by overall strand, not Learning Outcomes.

Need help importing standards?

Please navigate to Settings > Primary Years Programme > Scope & Sequence > click Standards Import Request Form.

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