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Creating Classes Individually or In Bulk

Enabling Class Functionality

Before you can create classes, you will need to click Classes via Settings > School Setting > Academic Functions.

Choosing Your Method

Under the Classes tab, the sidebar will show you your two options for adding classes:

  • Add New Class - this will allow you to add an individual class
  • Bulk Create Classes - this will allow you to add multiple classes at once

Select the option you want to use to begin.

Method 1: Add New Class

After clicking the Add New Class button, fill in the form that appears. Some fields are optional, but be sure to complete any starred fields, which are required.

You have the option of uploading a small picture to your class, which will make it more recognizable under the All Classes list. You can also choose Lock Memberships, which will prevent teachers and/or students from joining or leaving the class.

Once you have completed the form, click Create this class at the bottom.

Method 2: Bulk Create Classes

Click Bulk Create Classes to create multiple classes at once per programme using a CSV import.

Click to Download our CSV template.

Once the CSV template has downloaded, fill it in as follows:

1. Create a unique Class ID for each class. These IDs can be any combination of letters and numbers as long as they are unique to each class.

2. Type in MYP under Type.

3. Choose the Year (1-5) under Year.

4. Add the Group number for each class. To find this number, go to Settings > Middle Years > Subjects. Here you will find the subjects grouped in order. Each subject (e.g. Sciences, Language A1) corresponds to the number it is in on the list. For example, Sciences is the 4th subject group on the page. Therefore, you should put 4 under Group next to the science courses.

5. Match each class to a Subject. These subjects must exactly match the Subjects you selected in your Settings, or you can use the Supported Subjects download. (E.g. "Boot Camp" is in the PE subject.)

6. Type in the Name of each class according to how it is named at your school.

7. Leave Level blank, as this is purely for DP courses.

8. The Section column is also optional and can be used to differentiate between different classes of the same subject (e.g. English 1 and English 2 are two different sections).

9. Type in the email of the teacher who will be teaching each class.

10. Description is optional and can be used to describe the class.

When you're finished, save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.

Once your form has been filled out and saved, return to the Bulk Create Classes page on ManageBac, where you can upload your file by clicking Choose File. Select the file you've just created. Then, click on the Next button.

ManageBac will guide you through the final steps by double checking the information you have uploaded is correct. Alternatively, you can send the completed form to where we will review your file before processing it for you.

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