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Bulk Assigning Students to Classes

Via Classes tab

Assigning students to classes can be done in bulk via the See all classes tab. On the right navigation panel, click Bulk Assign Students.

Assigning Students

Download our CSV template by right clicking on the download link and selecting Save Link As.

You can then prepare the Excel CSV template containing:

  • Either Student E-mail or Student ID
  • Unique Class ID

These fields will be used to match your students to the correct classes. One row will correspond to one student's class assignment. The average student will have 6 to 8 rows.

Note: Use the Existing Class Export as reference for current class rosters. Navigate to Classes > More Options > Export to Excel.

Once you are finished filling in the template, make sure that the document is saved as a CSV file.

After you've saved your CSV file, you can upload the document at the bottom of the page. Select Choose File to upload.

There are two options when bulk assigning students:

  1. Bulk Assign: This will assign the students to the classes on the list.
  2. Bulk Assign and Remove: This will assign the students to the classes on the list by replacing all previously uploaded assignments.

IMPORTANT: The Bulk assign and remove option should only be used when importing your master class assignments list. It should never be used for partial or incomplete lists.

After uploading your Excel CSV import file, you will see a confirmation message appear at the top of your page, indicating how many records you have uploaded.

Import Class Timetables (for schools using ManageBac for Attendance)

If your school is using ManageBac to track class attendance, the next step will be to bulk import timetables. Click here for further guidance. 

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