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Creating MYP Unit Plans

Via Classes, Units

Under the Classes tab, select the class in question. Next, select the Units tab. To add a new unit, click on Add Unit in the sidebar. If you wish to edit an already existing unit, click the 'Unit Name'.

Classes, Units, Add Unit

Classes, Units, Add Unit

Create a title for your unit, select the start date, the duration of the unit in weeks, and then click Save Changes. This will create the unit. You can begin adding details through the tabs on the right hand side.

Edit Unit Plan

Once you have clicked on the "Unit Title", click on Edit Unit Plan to edit the unit.

Unit planning is completed in the ManageBac unit planning wizard, comprising eight steps:

1. Summary & Purpose

2. Assessment

3. ATL

4. Content

5. Options

6. Learning Process

7. Resources

8. Reflections & Evaluation

1. Summary and Purpose

Click on the Summary tab. Here you can edit the Title, Subject, and Duration. You can also choose to Mark as Interdisciplinary Unit or share the unit in grades that offer the same subject.

Clicking Mark as Interdisciplinary Unit will share the unit with the selected subject(s). This will enable the interdisciplinary unit planner. The guide to creating MYP interdisciplinary unit plans is available here.

Click Save and Next to save changes and navigate to the next page.  

Under the Inquiry & Purpose tab, you can add Key Concepts, Related Concepts, Global Context, Statement of Inquiry, and Inquiry Questions.

All 16 Key Concepts are available for use in all unit plans.  Key Concepts that appear in bold are the concepts recommended for the subject.

1) Further down on the Inquiry & Purpose tab, you can select Related Concepts which have been built in for each MYP subject.  

2) You can also type in Other Related Concepts for this unit if a certain concept is not available for that subject.  

3) View the Prior Significant Concepts in read-only format if this unit was created before transitioning to the Next Chapter.  You can also view Prior Area of Interaction under the Global Context and Prior MYP Unit Question under the Statement of Inquiry.

4) Conceptual Understandings can be added in a text field here.

5) Select one of the provided Global Context or choose "Other."  

6) Enter the Statement of Inquiry for this unit.  

7) Add Inquiry Questions by selecting the Add Line of Inquiry button and entering an inquiry question along with the question type, i.e. Factual, Conceptual, or Debatable.  You can also enter an optional Line of Inquiry.

Click Next to save changes and navigate to the next section.  

2. Assessment

On the Assessment tab, you can add tasks, choose objectives, select criteria, and add interdisciplinary subjects.  

1) Add a task for this unit by selecting the Add Task button. Tasks will be arranged in Tabs by Summative and Formative, and Teachers can see Tasks in their class or Across all Sections.

2) Choose which MYP Objectives will be addressed in this unit.

3) Select which Assessment Criteria will be used for this unit.

Click Save and Next to save changes and navigate to the ATL tab.

3. ATL

1. With the ATL Tab, you can connect ATL skill indicators to your selected Objectives. Note that the skill indicators are customisable by your ManageBac administrator via Settings > Middle Years Programme > ATL.

2. After selecting the Objective, you can select the ATL and ATL Skills to connect to the Objective.

3. Click Add ATL Skills Connection to connect the next Objective to ATLs.

Click Save and Next to save changes and navigate to the Content tab.

Customised ATL skill indicators

The ATL skill indicators are customisable by your ManageBac Administrator via Settings > Middle Years Programme > ATL. Click Add Item to add new or the edit or trash icons to edit existing indicators.

4. Content

1. Local standards that have been imported into your system appear under Standards/skills. You can view or edit these standards under Settings > Midde Years > Standards. Please contact ManageBac support for help importing your local standards for each enabled subject.

2. Add Knowledge and/or Skills.

Click Save and Next to save changes and navigate to the Options tab.

5. Options

Explain how elements of Service are being addressed within the unit.

Create an exemplar Learner Profile for students under Learner Profile.  This tab is not a requirement of Next Chapter unit plans.  Click Save and Next to proceed to the Learning Process tab.


6. Learning Process

Explain the range of learning experiences and teaching strategies of the unit.


Explain how teaching and learning will be differentiated under the Differentiation tab.

7. Resources

Under Resources, you can add journal entries, websites, files, videos, and other data to complement your teaching and to support your assessment tasks.  

Use the stream by dragging and dropping to organise resources and assessment tasks from a Unit planner in a sequence for your students. This creates a step-by-step numbered list for students & teachers to follow. (Note that all resources in the stream will be shared with students). Click the 'arrow down' icon to remove an item from the stream.

Tick the Share with Students checkbox to share any additional resources with students. These will be shared with students' when they access unit plans and can also be linked to assignments that are tied to the unit plan. Click here for more information on sharing unit resources with students.



8. Reflections and Evaluation

Under the Reflections & Evaluation tab, add reflections Prior to teaching the unit, During teaching, and After teaching the unit.  Click Save Changes and then Back to Unit to save your work and return to the unit overview.

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