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Can't Find My Unit Plan (DP & MYP)

Unit plans are tied to subject and year level and are automatically shared with all classes of the same subject and year level. This means, for example, that a Year 12 Language & Literature - English unit plan will automatically populate to all Year 12 Language & Literature - English classes.

Unit plans are designed to automatically carry over into the next academic year. This means that unless the above Year 12 English unit plan is archived, deleted, or edited to a different subject or year level, the same unit will populate to all Year 12 English classes next academic year.  

If you're having difficulty locating a unit plan in a class, it's most likely either archived or the subject and year level are not matching the subject and year level of the class. Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot.

Step 1: Do a Global Search via Curriculum

Navigate to the Whole School Curriculum via Curriculum, select your programme (e.g. Middle Years), make sure all Subjects are selected, and click Export to PDF.

Do a 'Find' to search for the name of the unit. It could be that the unit is under a different subject or year level than where it needs to be.

If you are not finding the unit plan, it could be that it was archived, deleted, or the name was edited. See below for how to find archived units.

Step 2: Filter by Subject & Year level

Back on the Whole School Curriculum, filter by subject & year level. Once you find the unit, click the Pencil icon to navigate into the unit, where you can then edit the unit plan to configure the unit to match the subject and year level of the class you want to share it with.

Note: If there is no pencil icon, it means there is no class of a matching subject or year level on your account and you will need to create a new class from which to edit the unit plan. Create a new class via Classes > Add New Class. Once the class is created, click on the class Tasks & Units tab and edit the subject / year level of the unit plan as needed.

Note: If the subject is not available on the right navigation panel, it means that the subject is not enabled in your DP or MYP settings. You will need to first enable the subject via Settings > Diploma / Middle Years Programme > Subjects.

Step 3: Unarchiving Unit Plans

If the unit plan is not appearing in the Export to PDF, it may be in your archives. Filter by year level to see the archived unit plans tied to that year level under the Archived Units header on the right navigation panel. Click the unarchive icon to unarchive.

How to be sure the subject & year level of the class match the unit plan.

Check the subject and year level of the class via the class Overview tab, click Edit Class Settings.

Check the subject and year level of the unit by navigating to the unit. Click Edit Unit Plan if you need to change the subject or year level so that the unit is shared with a different class.

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