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Reviewing Progress & Deadlines

Via the Projects tab > Projects Roster

As a Personal Project Coordinator or Supervisor, you can review the status of your students via Year Groups > select your MYP year group > Personal Projects or Community Projects.

The default roster view displays a list of the students Proposals assigned by supervisor with their status (Excellent, On-Track, Concern, TBD), project topic, global contexts and approval status (Needs Approval, Approved, and Complete).

The New Changes tag appears here if the student has added their topic, posted a message or uploaded a new document. The indicator will remain until you review the student.

Filtering your Roster

Click Filter to open the filter options. Here you can filter by status, supervisor or global context, click the blue Filter button to Save Changes. To remove the filter, click Reset.

Use the Quick Search field to find particular students by typing their name.

View by Assessment

To view progress based on their Assessment, you can filter by Assessment. Students are sorted by their supervisor, with those unassigned at the bottom of the page.

View by Deadline

To view progress against a specific deadline, filter by Deadlines.

The Deadlines view allows you to see where each of your students stand relative to the global deadlines that have been set (e.g. submitting an outline, meeting with supervisors, etc.).

You can filter for All deadlines or specific deadlines via the top-right Deadline dropdown. Hover over the i symbol for further details of the deadline. A tick symbol will indicator the deadline To-Do has been checked off.

In this case, we will want to follow-up with Jessica, who has fallen behind her peers.

View Alphabetically

Select Alphabetically to view your students list in alphabetical order (by Last Name). Students' assigned Supervisors can be found under the Supervisors column.

Via the Personal Project Worksheet

By clicking on a particular student, you can view her full Personal Project Worksheet. This is where you'll be able to review the proposal, check off completed to-dos, and record comments.

To return to the full roster view, click the back-arrow at the top-left of the page.

On the right-hand panel, you can mark the student's proposal as Approved and Completed. You can indicate the student's progress via the status dropdown (Excellent, On-Track, Concern, To Be Determined) and see an overview of their assessment grades.

Notes & Interviews

In Notes & Interviews, you can leave notes for your student by entering text and clicking Post Note.

The note is automatically e-mailed to the student and is also available in their ManageBac notifications inbox. The student can respond to provide a nice back-and-forth on their project. Click the edit pencil icon to edit an existing note, or the rubbish bin to delete it.

If you tick Record as interview Note, the comment will be marked with an Interview label. By default students, will not be able to view Interview Notes. This is a convenient way to store private notes from your meeting.

An admin can configure for Interview Notes to be shared to students via Settings > Access Permissions & Security > Browse Interview Notes.

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