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Updating Your Personal Details

Via the Profile tab & your Name

By clicking on your name, you can update your personal details and preferences including your:

• First & Last Name

• E-mail address

• Password

Default Landing Page, the page you will be guided to after logging in.

Setting your Password

Setting your Password

To update your password, please enter your current password. The new password will not save until you see a dark green box. Enter the new password again to confirm.

You could use a password like S8raH18!&1, but that's not very fun to remember, nor is it nearly as secure as a longer password with random words put together. It's better to use a phrase. We've found that the combination of three or four random common words is easier to remember and harder to crack!

Examples of Strong Pass Phases
Teacher Matt Bobo Yellow
Horse Battery Staple Yea
Plant Green So Clean
Passport Airplane First Class

If you do not wish to use a pass phrase and instead want to create a password, here are some guidelines. Please use at least 8 characters and include:

  • A minimum of 2 upper case letters
  • A minimum of 1 symbol
  • A minimum of 2 numbers

Under the Profile tab, you can upload a thumbnail photo, select your User Interface Language, set your Language and Nationality, and edit your contact details.

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