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Configuring DP Unit Plan Levels (HL/SL)

Unit plans are shared with classes by subject and Grade level. This means, for example, that a DP1 Language and Literature unit will be automatically shared with all DP1 Language and Literature classes. Any assignments which are tied to the unit will appear in the unit planner, but the assignments are class-specific and will not automatically populate to the class. Like DP classes, DP unit plans can be configured as Higher Level (HL), Standard Level (SL) or both. Level options for the unit plan will depend on the level options enabled in the class settings.

Configuring DP Class Levels

To configure your class levels, please navigate to the Class Overview tab > Edit Class Settings > enable Higher Level and/or Standard Level. Click Save Changes once done.

Configuring DP Unit Levels

Configuring DP Unit Levels

If the class is configured as both HL and SL then the unit plan can then be edited to be HL, SL or both. Configure the unit level by clicking Edit Unit Plan and enabling Higher Level or Standard Level on the unit Summary, Inquiry & Purpose tab.

Note that if the class is configured as HL or SL only, the unit will default to the selected class level.

Configuring DP Assignment Levels

If the class is configured as both HL and SL, assignments will have the option to be configured as HL, SL or both. To configure the assignment level, click Edit Assignment or Add Assignment via the unit plan Assessment tab.

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