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Group 4: Individual Investigations and Projects

Updating and Generating ICCS Forms for Group 4 Subjects Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Navigating the Individual Investigations and Group 4 Projects

Teachers can access the Individual Investigations via the IA tab to add Titles and enter marks in the Gradebook according to the IA Criteria.

Teachers can click on a Student name to update the Individual Investigation Title. The Title is view-only to Students. Teachers can also export the Group 4/IA Checklist for guidance.

Adding Individual Investigation Title

By clicking on a Student name in the IA Roster, the teacher can enter the Individual Investigation Title and Save Changes.  Via the "Edit this Investigation" button, teachers can enter additional details, edit Investigation Dates, duration, and attach Files to share with the class.

Entering IA Criteria Marks

Teachers can enter marks according to the IA criteria and add Comments by clicking on the Gradebook tab.

via Group 4 Projects tab

Teachers can see the Project title and Reflective Statements submitted by Students via the Group 4 Projects tab. This is view-only for Teachers.

Group 4 Project - Student view

Students can enter their Group 4 Project Title and add Reflective Statement via  IA > Group 4 Project > Save Changes.

Exporting ICCS

After adding Individual Investigations and Group 4 Projects, the ICCS PDF can be exported individually by clicking on a PDF icon or in bulk with Export All ICCS.

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