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Managing Behaviour & Discipline

via Settings


Menu > Behaviour and Discipline Tab


The Behaviour & Discipline tab via the Settings Menu will allow Admins,  Homeroom Advisors, and Classroom Teachers to add Behaviour Incidents on Student Profiles and share with Parents.

To enable the Behaviour tab on Student Profiles, navigate Settings > Menu > Behaviour & Discipline > Enable Behavior Notes. Behaviour Types are added by default and can be Added and Edited. Behaviour Types can also be marked as Positive Behaviour types and reordered.


Next Steps


With Next Steps, Behaviour Notes will include the action to be taken regarding the incident added on a Student Profile. Next Steps can also be edited, added, and reordered to meet your needs.


Behaviour tab via the Student Profile


Via a Student Profile > Behaviour tab, Admins and the student’s Homeroom Advisor and Classroom Teachers can add a New Behaviour Note. The Note will include the Incident time, Behaviour Type, Next Step and Action Date, and a text box to include Incident details.

The Note can then be marked to be "Visible to Parents" and "Shared with Parents via e-mail". An email will automatically be sent to the student’s Homeroom Advisor when a new note is added. The Note will not be shared with Students.

Teachers will be able to view their own notes but not the notes of other teachers, Homeroom Advisors can view all notes but can only edit their own notes, Admis have both view and edit all notes.


Email to Parents


Whole-school Behaviour Incidents Export


Whole-school Behaviour Incidents can be exported to Excel via Settings > School Directory > three dots > Export Behaviour Incidents.

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