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Configuring Teacher Roles & Permission Levels

Via a teacher's profile, admins can define the user as a particular coordinator, and for schools using ManageBac for Reports and/or Attendance, grant the user permission to access Reports and/or Attendance. This permission level is intended for registrars, counselors, or attendance secretaries.

Please navigate to Settings > School Directory > Teachers & Advisors and select a teacher to be taken to their profile.

Professional Details

You can define a teacher as a specific coordinator by navigating to their Profile > Professional Details > Roles > tick the relevant roles and/or subjects, Save Changes.

Note: Any user assigned as a Principal will have their details displayed to all Parents under the Key Contacts section when logged in. Any user assigned as a DP/MYP/PYP Coordinator will have their details displayed to DP/MYP/PYP Parents respectively.

Note: This will not give the user any extra access privileges. This instead is used to customize the tutorials and guides the user sees when they navigate to the Help section on ManageBac. Only those selections under "Access Levels & Permissions", grant the user increased functionality. 

Access Levels & Permissions

Scroll down to the Access Levels & Permissions section, check the box for Attendance Manager and/or Reports, Save Changes. The user will now have access to the Attendance and Reports tabs in their main menu.

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