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Recording Homeroom Attendance

Pre-requisite: Admin configures PYP Attendance

First, your school Admin should navigate to Settings > Attendance > Programme Level > IB Primary Years. Select Homeroom only or Both Classes & Homeroom.

Homeroom attendance on ManageBac is synonymous with daily attendance, and indicates whether or not a student was present in school on a given day.

If you do not wish to take Class Attendance in your PYP, select Homeroom only. This is the recommended approach, if you only require 1 attendance recording per day.

1. PYP Homeroom Attendance: Via Inquiry > Attendance

From the PYP legacy UI, navigate to:

1. Inquiry
2. Attendance

Here, you will be redirected to the new UI where Homeroom Attendance is managed.

Via the new UI, you will land on Menu > Homeroom tab, select IB PYP.

Here advisors can record Homeroom Attendance for the students they are assigned to. Mark attendance for the current day by clicking Mark all as: and selecting the appropriate option (e.g. Present, Absent, Late). Attendance information is automatically saved.

Click the 'comment' icon to add a comment for individual students, be sure to save changes to submit the comment.

If a parent has submitted an attendance excusal through ManageBac, it will appear in the Comments section with an 'envelope' icon.

Note: If you have enabled substitute recording within your PYP Attendance Settings, teachers will not only see the students they are assigned to as a Homeroom Advisor, but also any student that is in a class that they are a teacher in.

Historical attendance can also be adjusted by clicking the Calendar and selecting the desired date.

2. PYP Class Attendance

If Class Attendance is enabled in your PYP Attendance Settings, teachers will be able to record attendance for the scheduled periods via:

1. Inquiry
2. Select the grade level
3. Click on the Homeroom Class
4. Attendance

You will need to firstly configure your classes periods and rotation, which you can do so by clicking Class Attendance Settings on the right-hand side.

Note: The class attendance feature is available for PYP schools who wish to take class attendance in their specialist classes, or certain periods throughout the day. If you see an "Access denied" error message, this means class attendance is disabled on your schools account.

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