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Your Schools Name - Clicking on your schools name from any page within ManageBac will return you to your Dashboard.

Your Name - Access your user profile to update your personal information, email address, password, profile photo and roles.

Mail Icon - View Message notifications and update your Notification Preferences.

Settings - Configure your School & IB programme preferences. Click here for guidance on setting up your MYP Settings.

Legacy UI - Switch between the New and Legacy user interfaces (Available until the end of July, 2018).

Help & Support - Submit a support request or access help tutorials.

Logout - Logout of your user account.

Left-hand Menu Navigation

Menu - Click Menu to either expand or close the left-hand menu bar.


Dashboard - View upcoming events and deadlines, and latest activities from your classes.

Homeroom - Take daily homeroom attendance, add advisory comments, and review homeroom term grades.

Reviews & Progress- Approve CAS or SA experiences for your advisory group, view experience updates, and manage your Project groups.

Blog - Stay updated with our latest developments on the ManageBac blog.


Year Groups - Click to expand the year group dropdown. Create or join MYP year groups, oversee SA activities, manage Personal & Community Project portfolios, and post Messages to your Year Group. Click See all Year Groups to find additional groups not in your left-hand list.

Classes - Click to expand the classes dropdown. Create and join classes. Classes allow you to post tasks, build unit plans and record grades in an online gradebook. Click See all classes to find additional classes not in your left-hand list.

Groups - Create and join groups linked to one of five types: CAS Project, Homeroom, Sports Team, Club or Society, and Other.

Parents Association - This tab will only appear if the Parents Association is enabled in Settings. Mass-message parents and add parent-specific calendar events and deadlines.


Proofing and Review - Review all term grades and comments prior to report card generation.

Generate Reports - Customize Report templates and generate report cards.

Reports Archive - Access previously generated report cards.

Transcripts - Customize transcript layouts and generate transcripts.


Attendance Manager - Track attendance for the whole school across Homeroom and Classes. Track who has or hasn't taken attendance today, and send attendance reminders to your advisors.


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