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Configuring Your PYP Settings

Via Settings

Via the Settings > Grades & Programmes tab, you can edit the year labels to match those offered at your school. These labels will be applied to the PYP homerooms and specialist classes.

Academic Terms

Via the Academic Terms > Primary Years tab, you can configure your academic terms, which will be organised under the correct academic year. Tasks will be grouped, and Term Grades added within the gradebook by these terms.

Lock/unlock term gradebooks via Edit on the respective academic year > check/uncheck "Restrict teachers from making any changes to term grades", Save Changes.


Via the Primary Years > Subjects tab, you can configure your core Homeroom Subjects and your non-core Specialist Subjects. Homeroom subjects are those that will be covered within your Units of Inquiry (e.g. Languages, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies). Specialist subjects often include the Arts or PSPE.

Each subject is tied to a Subject Group (e.g. Language, Additional Language, etc.), which can only be listed under Homeroom or Specialist.

Task Categories

Via the Task Categories tab, you can configure your default Summative and Formative task categories per subject group. To add a new category, click Add New Category, enter name, choose a label color, and Save Changes.

These defaults will be applied to all classes. Any updates will only be applied to classes created after the update was made. Teachers can customise categories further from their individual classes.

Rubrics & Options

Via the Rubrics & Options tab, you can create optional criteria-based or custom rubrics (e.g. Effort or Participation). These will be available to evaluate at the bottom of each student’s gradebook.


Via the Criteria tab, you can create criteria to evaluate different elements within your gradebook (e.g. Achievement Level). A single criteria can be shared across multiple year levels with different descriptions.


Via the Assessment tab, you can configure which elements will be assessed within the gradebook and how they will be assessed (i.e. one/more criteria and/or comments).

You can also reorder how subjects will be displayed within the gradebook and report card, by dragging and dropping the assessed subjects.

Scope & Sequence

By default, we have built in the IB S&S via the Scope & Sequence tab. Each subject will display the overall expectations, conceptual understandings, and learning outcomes by strand, phase or age-range.

Alternatively, we can import from our database of common State or National standards (e.g. Common Core, AERO, ACARA, etc.) or customise an import from your own school standards. Please click "Request Standards Import" to complete an import request.

The S&S configured will be available to select from within the Unit of Inquiry, analyse within the Whole-School Curriculum, and assess within the Gradebook (i.e. UoI or subject learning outcomes). Hover over each S&S item to add-to, edit, reorder, or delete (if not yet used).

Learner Profile

Via the Learner Profile tab, you can customise the IB Learner Profile. This will be reflected in the UoI, WSC, and Gradebook (if enabled to be assessed).

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