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Creating an IB Year Group

Via Settings


IB Year Groups separate students by programme and grade level (only required for DP and MYP). There are two methods to create IB Year Groups:

1. Import Students


Via Import > Students, automatically create IB Year Groups when you bulk import students.


Download the CSV template available and complete the required fields. Once imported, the IB Year Group will be created and named as per IB Group column. Refer to the following tutorial for further guidance:

Adding Students, Teachers, & Parents via Bulk Import

2. Via IB Manager


Via IB Manager, click New IB Group and complete the fields displayed.


1. Name - Name the IB year group. This usually follows the format of "IB Diploma Class of 2017" or "IB MYP Year 1".

2. Description - Describe the group.

3. Program - Select Diploma, Middle Years, or Custom (non-IB).

4. Grade - Choose the correct grade of the students in the group. This will automatically be appended to the group name, i.e. IB Diploma Class of 2017 (Grade 12).

5. CAS 2015 - If the year group is a class of 2017 or after, tick the Use CAS 2015 checkbox.

6. Hours - Select whether hours will be tracked for CAS activities, including the hours required. You can also select to display the hours via CAS roster and student CAS worksheets.

7. Worksheets - Enable additional worksheets to access.

Click Create this group. Note that you will not be able to create the group unless all starred (required) items are completed.

Note: "IB Manager" may be named differently on your own school account (edited via School Settings > Terminology).


If your students have already been imported to the system, you can add them via Members tab > Add Members.


Here you can select the year group members and click Add selected students.

Follow method 1 if your students have not been added into the system. Ensure that the IB Group column matches the name of the created IB Year Group name.

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