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Navigating ManageBac


Please see step-by-step instructions below.

1. Select your child's name from the top of the Menu.

This allows you to select which child you wish to view if you have more than one child registered on ManageBac. Once you have selected a child, you will see an overview of recent and upcoming activities.

2. Calendar

The Calendar tab lets you see your child's academic and activity dates in calendar form.

3. Attendance

The Attendance tab shows the attendance information for your child and details how many absences he or she has.

4. Messages

The Messages tab shows the messages written by teachers and students in each of your child's classes. Parents can view messages and file attachments but are unable to add comments or post messages here.

5. Progress

The Progress tab details your child's academic progress in each class, and lets you view past report cards and future academic plans. Click on a class to view which units are being taught and view task / assignment grades left by the teacher.

6. Timetables

If your school is using ManageBac back for Attendance, click the Timetables tab to view your child's class attendance records. Click Download PDF to get a PDF export of your child's class timetable. You can also click to Submit Excusals for absent excusals directly on this page.

7. Portfolio

Click on the Portfolio tab to view work that your child has uploaded to their classes.

If your child is in IB Primary Years, you can use the Portfolio to leave notes for the teacher.

8. Reports

If your school is using ManageBac for reports, click on the Reports tab to obtain a PDF export of your child's report card.

9. IB Parent's Association

The IB Parents Association tab keeps you connected with teachers and other parents. It allows you to send messages and be notified of upcoming parent events.

Your Profile

Click Your Name at the top of the page to change your e-mail and password.

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