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Submitting CAS Samples to the IB for Moderation

If your school has been contacted by the IB for CAS moderation, you can send the CAS records to the IBO directly from your ManageBac account.

Via the CAS tab

Click IB Moderator Access under the CAS tab of your IB year group.

You will need to:

- Select the students to submit (including a fourth exemplary student if you'd like)

- Attach a signed authorization letter. You can download the template from this page by right-clicking the authorization letter hyperlink.

- Upload your complete Chart 6 CAS Programme Outline.

Click Submit your CAS records to allow the IB access to these students and files through ManageBac.

Reviewing Reflections to Be Included in Submitted CAS Records

For schools in the IB Americas, there is a regional requirement to select the top ten reflections that best reflect each student's CAS portfolio. Please note this only applies if you are in the Americas, schools in Asia-Pacific and Africa, Europe and Middle East are advised to submit all of their reflections.

This can be done via the CAS Worksheet by clicking View All Reflections on the right menu and by clicking on the star beside each reflection.

Starring Individual Reflections

This can also be done on the Reflections tab when reviewing individual activities, but the View All Reflections page allows you to easily Export Starred Reflections.

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