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Updating Student Information in Bulk

Via Settings


You are able to bulk update student information via CSV import.

Note: all fields can be updated except for the e-mail address, which is how the students are identified in the system.

1. Export Students


Via School Directory, click three-dot icon in the upper right corner and select Export Students & Parents to download the spreadsheet.

2. Update Spreadsheet


Open the spreadsheet and make any changes to the students' information. Please note that as a security measure with Single Sign-on, e-mail addresses cannot be changed in bulk. If you need to have email addresses changed in bulk, please send a CSV spreadsheet with old and new emails to . Once the emails have been updated, the users will then be prompted to validate their email addresses.

Make sure to delete the other worksheets:

  • Archived Students
  • Parents
  • Students & Parents

The spreadsheet needs to be saved in CSV format.

3. Import Students



You can re-import the students via Settings > Import > Students. Select your CSV file and ensure that Update existing users is checked. Click Upload Now.


In the next page, confirm the format to make sure the data populates in the correct field. Click Yes, the format looks correct to update the students' information.

Diagnose errors


If there are any errors with the CSV, the system will not import the changes and will display the errors. You will need to update the CSV, then upload again.

If the problem persists, send your spreadsheet to, and we will revise and upload the CSV for you.

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