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Managing your Calendars

There are four types of calendars on ManageBac:

Year Group: Shows events and deadlines for a year group (e.g. the Grade 12 calendar).

Class: Shows events and deadlines for a class (e.g. Math SL).

Group: Shows events and deadlines for a group (e.g. Design Club or Basketball).

Dashboard Calendar: Shows all relevant events and deadlines for the individual user, e.g. a Grade 12 student taking English HL and Math SL will see events and deadlines for Grade 12, English HL and Math SL.

Year Group Calendar


Under IB Manager, select a year group and then click on Calendar.

All class deadlines for the year group are also included on the calendar, so you can easily see if teachers are assigning major assignments and tasks on the same day or week. This calendar also includes any specific events and deadlines for the year group. Administrators can add a event or deadline by clicking Add Event or Add Deadline.

Class Calendar


Click on the Classes tab. Select a class and navigate to the Calendar. All assignments and tasks for the class will display here.

Group Calendar


Access the Groups calendar via the Groups tab. Select a group and then click on Full calendar or View Calendar.

Note that the IB Parents Association is also a group, and events can be added directly for parents via the group calendar.

Dashboard Calendar


This is your own personal calendar and shows all events and deadlines from groups and classes you are in.

Note that if you Add Event or Add Deadline to this calendar, it will not be visible to anyone else on your account. Click Full calendar to see more than the two-week overview.

Subscribe to Calendar


You can subscribe to any of your calendars (i.e. iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook etc.) by clicking Subscribe to Calendar on the righthand navigation.

Note: This is only a one-way sync. You must add new items directly in the associated calendar on ManageBac.

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