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Configuring Your Diploma Settings

Via Settings


Via Settings  > Diploma Programme, configure Subjects, Options & Levels, Extended Essay Subjects, Standards, Reflections, Rubrics & Options, and Grades.



Via Subjects, you can select the subjects offered at your school. These must match your subject selections on IBIS and will appear on the Diploma Plan worksheet of your students. After selecting subjects, make sure to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Options and Levels


Via Options & Levels, specify the options (i.e. ab initio) and levels (i.e. SL) for your subjects.

Note: If your school offers the IB Diploma in more than one working language, you can also specify the languages for individual subjects.

Extended Essay Subjects


Enable Extended Essay Subjects to allow students to select via their personal Extended Essay worksheets.



Via Standards, add and edit subject standards.

Add standards manually via Add Standard Header. You can then edit each item by clicking Edit or +. Any modifications will be automatically reflected within the Unit Planners.

We can import from our database of common State or National standards (e.g. Common Core, AERO, ACARA, etc.) or customise an import from your own school standards. To request for either of these imports, contact us at

Export Your Standards


You can also export your subject standards by clicking Excel icon.



Enter questions for DP1 and DP2 students to respond to via their personal profiles via their Reflections tab.

Rubrics and Options


Via Rubrics & Options, you can create rubrics that will appear in term gradebooks. Rubrics can be created for specific subjects or for all classes within the programme. Teachers will be able to complete these alongside regular academic marks and comments.

Edit rubrics by hovering over Expand and clicking the Edit icon.



Via Grades, configure the default grade scale for your Diploma classes. Teachers can still further customise via each class' settings.

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