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Configuring Your MYP Settings

Via Settings

You can configure your MYP settings via Settings.

Selecting Years

Choose Grades & Programmes on the left navigation panel to select the years of MYP offered at your school, and edit the labels for each year.

The labels will be applied to your MYP Classes and Gradebooks.

Setting Term Dates

Via the Academic Terms tab on the left navigation panel, you can create and set the dates for your terms. Click the IB Middle Years tab at the top of the page. Then, click Configure New Academic Year to set dates for a new term which will be applied to all Classes and Gradebooks. Make sure that the term dates do not overlap with the Academic Year Start Date which can be set at the top of the page.

The term dates will be automatically applied to all Classes and their Gradebooks. You can lock/unlock term gradebooks via Edit on the respective academic year > check/uncheck "Restrict teachers from making any changes to term grades", Save Changes.

Via Settings > Middle Years Programme

Enabling Class Subjects

Via the Middle Years > Subjects tab, you can select subjects offered at your school. After selecting subjects, make sure to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Default Task Categories

To set summative and formative assessment categories in each subject, select the Subject from the scroll menu at the top. Use the tabs to switch between summative and formative assessments, and use the Add New Category button to add to the categories.

Classes created after editing the categories, will be set to these defaults. Teachers will further be able to cuastomize these categories through their class settings.

Customizing Objectives

We have built in the Objectives for all MYP subject groups. By default, they will match the official IB MYP subject guides available on OCC.

You can modify the Objectives by first selecting the Subject Group/Criterion from the dropdown menu. To modify the text, click on the blue pencil icon. To delete the text, click on the trash can. Once you’re done, click Save Changes. Any changes to your Interim Objectives are reflected instantly throughout the system and within your MYP unit planners.

Modifications can be undone by clicking "reset to subject group defaults".

Entering School Standards

Under the Standards tab you can add and edit subject standards.

Add standards manually via Add Standard Header or click "Request Standards Import" to submit a import request.

You can edit your standards by clicking +, the blue pencil icon, or the trash can. Any modifications will be automatically reflected within Unit Planners.

Editing Achievement Level Descriptors

We have built in the descriptors for each level of achievement for all of MYP subject groups and year levels. You can edit the descriptors by typing in the text field, and using the Select Group dropdown menu at the top to switch to a different subject group. Please make sure to click Save Changes at the bottom to apply the changes to your system.

Modifications can be undone by clicking "reset to subject group defaults".

Note: "The student:" will automatically be replaced by the students name in report cards.

Adding Reflection prompts

Under the Reflections tab, you can add a prompt for each grade level to answer each term. To enable this in your students' profiles, click the Enable Goals box and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Adding Rubrics & Options

On the Rubrics & Options tab, you can add a rubric by clicking on Add Rubric. This will add an additional form of assessment via the gradebook. To edit an existing rubric, hover over the rubric title.

When creating a new rubric, select which subjects it will apply to from the dropdown menu. Then, select if it will be using Criteria, Custom Fields, or Formula. Click Create Rubric at the bottom to add it.

These will be available to teachers for grading via a specific Class > Tasks > Gradebook > Submit Term Grades tab.

Converting MYP Grades to Local Grades

We can automatically convert MYP grades for each year level to your local grades by utilizing the conversion table below:

Please type in the Alphabetic or Numeric equivalent of the corresponding MYP Grade. We will use this information in your MYP Classes’ Gradebooks and when generating Report Cards.

Note: The conversion is one-way only, i.e. we will convert the IB grade into your local grade. We cannot convert local grades into IB grades.​

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