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Configuring Class Settings

Via Classes > Selected Class > Overview Tab > Edit Class Settings

You can Edit Class Settings from the sidebar of the Overview tab of the class.

Edit Class Settings > General

Under the General tab at Edit Class Settings, you can configure the grade level, subject level, lock memberships, and edit the class description.  You can also upload a class image file.

Edit Class Settings > Teachers

If the class is taught by more than one teacher, you can add a new teacher by clicking Add New Teacher under the Teachers tab. Select the teacher from the dropdown menu, and click Save Changes to finish the process.

Edit Class Settings > Grades

Under the Grades tab, you can configure the grade scale, which will be applied to the Gradebook of your class - both when grading assignments and when submitting term grades. Your school's default scale will be chosen if you click Set to School's Default.

Edit Class Settings > Assignment Categories

Under the Assignment Categories tab, you will be able to customize and color-code your assignment categories. These assignment category weightings are applied to the final grade calculation when entering term grades.

• To delete a category, click the checkbox in the delete column of the category that you wish to delete

• To edit a category, type in the new name in the text field, and click on the color palette to select a new color for the label.

• To add a new category, click Add New and type in the name and select a color for the label.

Please make sure you click Save Changes to apply the changes to your class.

Via Attendance then Class Attendance Settings

Under the Class Attendance Settings, teachers can choose which day of the week, or during which rotation day, a class is taught.  Teachers can also specify the class period for each day.

Once you have set your attendance rotation days, you can access your class attendance by clicking on the Attendance tab. The days shown will follow the rotation days set.

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