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Recording & Assessing Individual Oral Commentaries

Teachers can easily record and review Individual Oral Commentaries through ManageBac via the Classes tab.

Via The Classes Tab

Select your class from the list which appears under the Classes tab. Language classes will have an Orals tab, which has a roster of students names. Via the Commentary view, click on a student to record their oral commentary. This will lead you to the recording page.

Guiding Questions

The Guiding Questions are there for your convenience. You will be able to add these before the commentary begins by clicking the Add Guiding Question button. Once the commentary is over, you will be able to assess the student using the form at the bottom of the page. You will also be able to write comments about their work. Once you have finished, click Save Changes, which will store your student's recording and Assessment on the site. If you do not wish to assess them at the present time, you can leave this part blank and come back to it later by clicking on the student's name under the Orals tab.


1. Select the correct work from the Part 2 Works listed (this list is created from the works selected by the teacher. See Setting your Part 2 and Part 4 Works for more detail).

2. Enter the extract and check HL or SL for the level. The date will automatically be set to the current day.

3. If you wish to complete the form ahead of time, click Save Changes underneath it.

4. Once the form has been completed and the student is ready. Click Record to begin. Once you have finished, press Stop. From here, you can Play your recording back, or just click Save.

Alternate HTML5 Recorder

Groups 1 and 2 IOC recordings now offer a new HTML5 recorder. The HTML5 recorder does not stream the recording to our servers in real time. Instead, the recording is uploaded to the server at the end of the recording, when you have clicked Save. We recommend using this recorder if your school experiences internet connectivity issues.


Once you are ready to assess, use the preset rubric to give a numeric mark, and use the Comments section below to add any comments. Once you are finished, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

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