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Viewing the Whole-school Curriculum

Via Dashboard > Curriculum

Under Dashboard, select the Curriculum tab, which will lead you to the Whole-School Curriculum.

The Whole-School Curriculum provides admins & teachers with tools to manage unit plans across the entire programme with the big picture in mind as well as generate analaytics on curriculum planning.

Options for an overview of the Whole School Curriculum are available with Export to PDF, Get Subject Groups Overview E-mail, and the Export to Excel links.

Viewing & Accessing Unit Plans

Select a year level under View. You can filter for All subjects, or select certain Subjects on the right-hand side. Each tile represents a unit plan, with the start date and duration indicated by the months on the left axis.

Click on a Green Arrow to open the Unit in a Class. If a green arrow does not exist, it means there is no class of the same subject & grade level as the unit, and a new class will need to be created via the Classes tab.

Archived Units can be found under the Drag'n Drop archive box at the bottom-right of the page. Read more about Archiving and Unarchiving Unit Plans.

Bulk Generate PDF Planners

All Diploma Programme Unit Planners can be exported to a ZIP file via Bulk Generate PDF Planners.

Click Generate to prepare a zip folder for the particular Subject Group, and click on the folder name to download. Each ZIP file is organised by class name and teacher name.

Timeline View

At the bottom of the page, a timeline view shows the months that units have been planned for, and any gaps in your programming.

For May Session schools the timeline will run from August through to July. For November Session schools the timeline will run from January through to December.


Click the Analytics tab to see analytics on certain elements from your unit plans. Filter by element via the Element drop down, as well as by Subject Group and Years, and hover over the grey 'i' icon to sww wich units are covering each element.

Analytics of all elements can be exported by clicking Export to Excel. Read more about Curriculum Analytics

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